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Memory by Betty Buckley

Weeellll fellers! Apparently there’s a new film, coming soon to the picture palace, that takes the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Cats, to the big screen. I…I…don’t have any words to describe that particular trailer there…

But what I do have words for is that I wouldn’t mind if Betty Buckley, from the musical, gave ole Mike a little “Cat Bath”, let me tell you.


A Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy

Mandy by Barry Manilow

Happy belated Birthday to that pretty filly, from the WWWF, Mandy Rose. Ole Mike Check might not be one for poetry, like that Otto feller, but I have a special song for you…It’s “Mandy” by Barry Manilow here on…THE MACKER!

Driving In My Car by Madness

Slide by Slave

House Of Love by East 17

Disconnect by Rollins Band

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