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We’re Not Gonna Take It by Bif Naked

Mike’s Daughter: I hope Raging_Demons doesn’t mind, but here’s a bonus song from a band that once performed on The Warped Tour. And since we were previously playing the soundtrack of a show that was based on a terrible wrestling promotion earlier in the month. Here’s a song that was on the soundtrack of a terrible wrestling movie called “Ready To Rumble”…and no, we’re not playing the whole soundtrack to this movie, BTW. So, here’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Bif Naked—

Mike Check: Is this a cover of that Twisted Sister song?

Mike’s daughter: Yes Dad.

Mike Check: Weelll. I like Twisted Sister’s version but today I think that I want to see Bif Naked?

Mike’s daughter: Okay, well here’s—

Mike Check: And by wanting “Bif Naked”, I wasn’t talking about her song, if you know what I mean?

Mike’s daughter: Dad! You are such a creep!


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