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In The Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

The Winter Is Cold by Wendy and Bonnie

Winter Lady by Leonard Cohen

Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow by Frank Zappa

A Hazy Shade Of Winter by The Bangles

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Christmas Time is Here Again by Shallow Gravy

Mike’s Daughter: I can’t believe it. My Dad slept with Mrs. Claus! My Dad slept…with–

Santa Claus: I know, I know. Mrs. Claus and I had years of marriage counseling to get us back to a normal relationship. You know Mike its a good thing that I found you because I wanted to talk to you about a certain issue. About a little radio station called…WRUD!

Mike Check: Uh…

Mike’s Daughter: Uh…What Dad?

Santa Claus: Oh he didn’t tell you that his radio DJ name was Santa Claus?!?

Mike’s Daughter (facepalm): Oh Dear God!

Santa Claus: Now that I have finally found you Mike let me share a little secret with you.  The Elves set up one of the top legal companies in the world; also the elves are pretty good when it comes to logistics and delivery.  Who do you think set up the delivery system for Amazon Prime?  OH! Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho–I’m going to sue you from here to eternity!  Oh Ho-Ho-Ho-ho!

Mike’s Daughter: Uh Santa, before you sue my Dad into oblivion how about you “step into my office” please?

Santa Claus: Look your not going talk me out of it!

Mike’s Daughter: Just give me 5 minutes OK?

Santa Claus: Well all right.

*Mike’s Daughter and Santa Claus go into her room*

3 hours later

*Mike’s Daughter and Santa Claus come out of her room*

Mike’s Daughter: Now remember.  Your supposed to leave my Dad alone.

Santa Claus: In exchange for what you did  in there I can come in and “Talk to you” again anytime I want.  OH HO-Ho-Ho!  You really are a ho!  The things you did in there!  Especially when you poured the onion juice all over my–

Mike’s Daughter: Hush!  My Dad will hear you..  Hey Dad!  Santa decided that after our “little talk” he won’t be bothering you again.

Santa Claus: Yeah Mike.  I’m sorry.  *reaches in his bag and pulls out a gift and gives it to Mike Check*  Here.  I was going to give it to one of those Wrestle–whatever guys but since he’s getting coal I’ll give it to you.  OH-Ho-Ho-Ho!

Mike Check: Thanks Santa.  Turns out yer a pretty decent feller.  *opens gift* Its the Shallow Gravy Christmas Fan Album!  I’ll play this right now!


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