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Jungle Love by The Time

Fellers, I can’t believe that it’s been almost 4 years since The Mike Check Show has been spinning the hits. So tune in tomorrow, and the rest of April, for our “Four Years Of Whackin” Anniversary month here on…the only time ole Mike is legally able to refer to this show as…THE WHACKER!

And I just want to let you fellers know that I’ll be joined by a special guest and my daughter is back from L.A. and finally told me who he is. He is a man that once worked with ole Mike in the Ithaca market at WTKO: THE KNOCKOUT! That’s right, “Cassius Weave” from “The Bob and Weave Morning Show” will be here joining ole Mike aka “Bob Ali” here on KMCR. And I bet you fellers never would have guessed this little tidbit, but did you know that we took our names came from boxing champion Muhammad Ali who was also previously known as Cassius Clay? Well one of his famous fights was billed as “The Rumble in The Jungle”. And speaking of “Jungle”, since I like to describe Cassius as the “Jerome” to my “Morris Day” here’s their version of “Jungle Love” this “time” here on THE MACKER!

Walking In LA by Missing Persons

Fellers I give up. My daughter gave me her final clue because she sees how irritated ole Mike is with all this since I can’t solve the mystery of next month’s special guest host. But now she’s apparently now in Los Angeles tonight to “collect” him. All I’m thinking is that she planning to maybe bring in Billy Ceps back from my KFIT days when I was “Johnny Bi” and we did “The Bi Ceps Morning Drive Show. So until then, my daughter’s “Walking In LA” here on THE MACKER!

P.S. If Billy Sips is coming back, I’ll have to check if my thong swimming trunks still fit.

WrestleMania by The WWWF Superstars

Fellers, I’m not much of a puzzle solver. Probably that’s what the kids are doing nowadays. But my daughter gave me another clue via telephone from San Jose that next month’s guest host used to announce on this WWWF show. But ole Mike’s confused since I thought that “Lord Albert” feller from WWCR was “no longer with us”?

Oklahoma! by Oscar Hammerstein

My daughter’s left for San Jose for the weekend and is still trying to tease ole Mike with these clues but I can’t still figure it out? Now she’s saying that the guest she has in mind “comes from this song”. Is he coming from the El Paso market?

Motherless Child Blues by Barbecue Bob

Mike Check: Oh my daughter, who’s one hell of a whiz-kid, is trying to continue to tease me again about who this person from my past is that she’s planning to get. She says that the clue is has something to do with the name of this song’s artist being also what “this guest loves to do”. If this person plays a guitar is it one of those people that tried to stop my music career?

Anger by Thor

It’s one more week until “Four Years of Whackin” Month here on KMCR and my daughter has just come back from, that darn window vandal Ricky Foley’s, “one man show” in Sacramento. Now she says that she’s going to San Jose for the weekend to another show to find my “special surprise guest” for April? I’m not sure I understand her particular reference there but she tells me that she’s seeing “someone from my past and that the title of today’s song contains a clue”? I’m not sure that I understand that reference there but I just hope that it ain’t that hack of a drummer Ringo Starr! Ole Mike’s already “angry” that those clueless fellers from the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame are giving him the “Award for Musical Excellence”, let me tell you. But speaking of “Anger”, here’s THOR here on THE MACKER!

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra

(*knock on the door*)

Mike Check: Darlin’. Go get that will yah? I’m in the middle of drinking my whis…I mean making the playlist for tomorrow.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Yeah sure, no problem. I was just in the middle of making lunch and all. No problem!

(*opens door*)

???: Is there a guy by the name of Mike Check living there?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Uh…DAD! You need to get to the front door now!

Mike Check: God-farn it woman! Here I am trying to do something important and…Well who the heck are you?

???: Who am I? I’m Mick Foley!

Mike Check: Foley? Wait, ain’t you..? Well gimme my god-darn money for breaking my windows!!

Mike Check’s Daughter: DAD! *whispers* That’s Mick Foley. The Wrestler. He’s the guy that survived that fall from the top of the cage. If he can survive that then he can kick your ass.

Mike Check (*to Daughter*): Ole Mike’s survived worse. (*pokes Mick Foley*) Now where’s my money for the windows that you broke feller?!

Mick Foley: That’s why I’m here. I’m doing a one man show tonight right here in SACRAMENTO!

Mike Check: I’m not sure I understand that particular reference there?

Mick Foley: That was a “cheap plug”…I guess you’ve never seen…well anyway, I wanted to make it up to you. I have two free backstage passes to my show and even “borrowed” a couple for J.R.’s show on the 28th. Are you interested?

Mike Check: Well, I’d prefer cash there but that’s awful nice of you Rick, sorry for poking you there…

Mike’s Daughter: But dad! You’re not allowed to leave the house, remember.

Mike Check: (*to Daughter*) Hush darlin’. (*turns to back Foley but he’s now gone*) Huh?…

Mick Foley: (*speeds away in car*) Have a nice day! BANG BANG!

Mike Check: God-farn it! That cheap…now what am I gonna do with these tickets? (*turns to his daughter*) And where are you going there?

Mike’s Daughter: You might be still under house arrest but I’m not. Bye Dad.

Mike Check: But but but…

Mike’s Daughter: Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you. Mick just gave me an idea for a special surprise for next week 😉 .

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