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Halloween Spooks by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross

Mike Check: Happy Halloween there fellers! And in Mike Check Show tradition, we’re once again gonna play “Halloween Spooks”. But before that, I’m gonna watch my favorite wrestling show, TNA, to see if my favorite filly, Kylie Rae, is on there. (*turns on the TV*) Well, it seems that Susie has turned back in Su Yung again and is now their ladies champ? I’m disappointed that Kylie Rae missed out on her title shot because she was still stuck here kidnapped with us during Halloween Hootenanny. But why is my Rae of sunshine still not appearing on this particular progrem? Oh, it’s probably something to do with being possessed and murdering another filly on The Mike Check Show? …But anyway, it seems that Rosiemarie and that Jackie Bravo are now gettin’ hitched? Well, although I’m disappointed that my sweet Rosiemarie is off the market, I’m happy for that Bravo feller after all that trauma he went through with us here during Halloween Hootenanny. Look, and even that new strip club owner feller is there doing the officiating…(*Lights go out on the TV and a gunshot is heard*)…what in blue blazers was that!?

Mike’s daughter: What’s going on?! And why are you actually watching Impact?

Mike Check: Well darlin’, it seems that someone on that TNA show just got shot. I wish they’d put them lights back on so we can see what’s in tarnation is goin’ on there?

(*Lights come back on on TV*)

Mike’s daughter: Dad! I think Johnny Bravo just got killed, or at least, shot?!

Mike Check: Yes, and Road Warrior Hannibal is not taking it very well there either?

Mike’s daughter: Actually that’s just Tommy Dreamer in Halloween makeup.

Mike Check: You don’t think that my Rae of sunshine did this?

Mike’s daughter: No. After what we’ve witnessed her do to Anna Jay, I don’t think that Kylie would even need a gun, let alone any weapon, to do this?

Mike Check: Well…ole Mike is now speechless. Except for one word…which is??? …What’s the word I’m looking for here?

Mike’s daughter: Fascinating?

Mike Check: You said it there, darlin’.

Monster Slash by Bobby Boris Pickett

*phone rings*

Mike Check (picks up the phone): KMCR Radio?

*dead silence*

Mike Check: Exclamation Mark! IS that–?

STAN The Troll King: Hi Mike.

Mike Check: Oh. It’s you Sam.

Mike Check’s Daughter (Peeking out through the kitchen): Is that STAN?!?

Mike Check: Yes it is, Darlin’.

Mike Check’s Daughter: I need to give him a piece of my mind here! *rushes from the kitchen and turns on the phone’s speaker mode* What the hell are you doing?!? You gave you club to Father James Mitchell?!?

STAN: I had to! I had no choice!

Mike Check’s Daughter: Explain yourself!

STAN: Nathaniel left Hell in an utter mess! Hell is literally frozen over!  I’m wearing a freaking parka for the first time in Hell! Nathaniel made the gamblers and sex addicts get along! He made Charles Manson teach the teen killers how to kill better! He even! *gasps* He made Cheatum and Puppet the Psycho Dwarf breed!

Mike Check’s Daughter: How? Why? They bred?!?

STAN: Their babies look like bulldog versions of Stewie Griffith but much uglier! We’re talking multiple tales! Multiple heads–!

Mike Check’s Daughter: But why sell your club? To JAMES MITCHELL OF ALL PEOPLE?!

STAN: The damage that Nathaniel has caused in Hell. Well, its going to be awhile for me to fix! I can’t be up there with COVID running around and Hell being, well, hell, at this moment! I rather have sex with the succubus demons down here than have it with my hand in your world, thank you very much!

Mike Check: I know what you mean Sam. But you haven’t answered my daughter’s question! What about my former boss coming after us again?!

STAN: I’m getting to that! Someone brought Father James Mitchell back, which I assume it’s for Bunny’s wedding to that feeb. SO. I had a little talk with him. The club is still in my name and he’s the owner BY NAME ONLY. He will run the club while I fix the mess that Nathaniel made. I made him promise me that he won’t go after you guys. I mean its the least I can do after what you two did during The Dork Order attacking me and made me mortal. So I’m back in Hell as The Troll King that you know and love.

Mike Check’s Daughter We don’t love you! *hangs up the phone*

Mike Check Um. Darlin’?

Mike Check’s Daughter! WHAT?!?

Mike Check: Can I play “Monster Slash” by Bobby Pickett now?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Wha-?! I?! FINE!

Alison Hell by Annihilator

*STAN, Mike Check, and John E Bravo, walk back to The Mike Check home. STAN has the unconscious bodies of Kylie Rae and Matt hardy slung over his shoulders. Rosemary gets off MegaTrolla and walks back as well*

Mike Check (looking at MegaTrolla): Well, metal feller. You need a home?

MegaTrolla: NEGATIVE!

Mike Check: Well why not? Its the least my daughter and myself can do for saving us there.

MegaTrolla: I STILL FUNCTION! *MegaTrolla walks off*

Mike Check: Well. All right then.

*John E Bravo picks up Susie. They discovered Mike Check’s Daughter still slumped in shock over the brutality she witnessed that was caused by Kylie Rae*

Mike Check: DARLIN’! Are you OK?

*Mike Check’s Daughter points to the rotting corpse of Anna Jay*

Mike Check’s Daughter: Kylie. Rae. Did. That!

*The Folsom police arrive to get some questions answered*

*Mike Check’s Daughter comes out of her room looking like she just got out of the shower*

Mike Check’s Daughter: Well Rosemary took everybody else home. According to Bravo’s Twitter account, they’re getting ready for the wedding!

Mike Check: And! Since I accidentally left my home, from which I can’t do because I’m under house arrest, they were going to send me back to prison. Them cop fellers say they blame that there “Colesaw” terror group that forced me out of my home.

Mike Check’s Daughter: It’s ANTIFA Dad! They aren’t a group of any kind!

Mike Check: Way to go there Darlin’! Keep the lie up so I can stay out of jail.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Also since all the members of The Dark Order are now dead. Chili’s is looking for a new spokesman. I’m going to submit a video later telling them why I should be the new spokeswoman for Chili’s!

Mike Check: Well ain’t that a thing! My whiz kid of a daughter on the TV!

Mike Check’s Daughter: I don’t have it yet. Hey if Chili’s hired those idiots. they can hire me at least!

Mike Check: Where did Sam go off to?

Mike Check’s Daughter: I don’t know? He said he has some errands to do first. Oh. Raging_Demons called.

Mike Check: What did he say?

Mike Check’s Daughter: He doesn’t remember sending us that “RealxEyes” or whatever that song is called? He said “How did you get my ringtone?” He also said we should the results of our COVID tests in a couple of weeks AND *starts to cry* Anna Jay tried to sue you for sexual harassment *starts to cry more*

Mike Check: Aw Darlin’! Your remembering that again?

Mike Check’s Daughter (sniffs): I’m fine. He said that since Anna Jay *cries* tried to sue you for sexual harassment, but now that she’s dead, the case is cancelled.

Mike Check: Well how do you like that?! I’m going to watch TNA later tonight to see my new crush!

Mike Check’s Daughter: Dad! Why do you now like Kylie Rae, the person who I saw viciously and BRUTALLY kill a person with MY OWN EYES?!

Mike Check: She’s just so CUTE! Like a little ole’ foal. Since Rosiemarie is now off the market, I want to play it safe and respect her and her marriage.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Really?

Mike Check; So I can have both of them for a little Mike Check threeway!

Mike Check’s Daughter (sighs) Figures. *gets a notification on her phone. She grabs it and checks it out.* Well I know what STAN is doing.

Mike Check: What Darlin’?

Mike Check’s Daughter: It says in this online news that, let me read it out loud: “STAN Venus, prominent strip club owner of ‘The Allison Hell’ has announced that he’s selling his club. Mr. Venus is known for being a major employer of gentleman’s entertainment in Las Vegas and has been a major contributor to local charities.” Oh wow. I didn’t know that?

Mike Check: Is there anymore there Darlin’?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Let me check. *scrolls the page* Oh yes. “Mr. Venus said that he doesn’t have time to run the strip club anymore and since the world has ‘gone to hell’ thanks to COVID. Mr. Venus has decided to see his club to–” Oh no!

Mike Check: What Darlin’?!

Mike Check’s Daughter: “Mr. Venus has decided to sell his club to FATHER JAMES MITCHELL!” The new owner, Mr. Mitchell said that: “Once when COVID is gone, the club will have a new rule. To bring back business back into Las Vegas, ‘The Alison Hell’ will offer free entry, as long as they have a deal that he’s interested in.”

Mike Check: Uh…Darlin’? I don’t feel so good.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Me too. Father James Mitchell is back!

Go To Hell by Megadeth

*Nathaniel sits on his throne with Susie, unconscious, at her side*

Nathaniel (sighs): Where are those morons? I should had recruited Father James Mitchell. So he can tell me all about Abyss! Or maybe Team Canada at–!

*Kylie Rae appears in front of him, heavily pissed off*

Kylie Rae (berserker): YOU!

Nathaniel: Me?! Shouldn’t you be  dead already?!


*Kylie Rae leaps at Nathaniel, hoping to kill him. Nathaniel pulls out a metal rod and incapacitated her.*

???: Hey Nerd! That’s no way to treat a lady! How else are you going to loose for your virginity?!

*Nathaniel turns around to see STAN (in his Troll King form), Mike Check, and John E Bravo*

STAN The Troll King: See this face? *points to his face* My angry face is out now because you tricked me. YOU DE POWERED ME, YOU HAD YOUR GOONS BEAT ME UP, YOU STOLE MY THRONE, AND MY GIMMICK OF TAKING OVER THE WORLD!

Nathaniel: Jealous that I’m better than you?

STAN: Oh no! I’m pissed that you screwed with me! But I’m fighting back! For one. You don’t even have any power! It’s Fake!

Nathaniel: Lies!

STAN: Oh its true. I noticed how Brodie Lee never used The Curse Dusty Rhodes book himself. yet he used others to fulfill The Book’s cost, especially how he used others. How you weren’t even a part of all this? You could had got to this world easily since YOUR SO POWERFUL! Then it hit me. You hacked The Cursed Dusty Rhodes Book!

Nathaniel: Lies!

STAN: That’s why you let Brodie Lee get The Book. You told him how to get it, how to hack it, and how to use it! And the first thing Brodie Lee did was to use a loser to read The Book to give you your -“so-called” powers, didn’t you?

Nathaniel: Lies!

STAN: Then if they are lies, you wouldn’t mind if I do this? *STAN holds up The Cursed Dusty Rhodes Book among the open cracks in the ground where the throne burst from the ground*

Nathaniel: NO! Don’t do–!

STAN: Oops! *Acting like he tripped. The Curse Dusty Rhodes Book fell into the cracks plummeting below the Earth.*

Nathaniel: NO!

*STAN’s throne retracts, returning to Hell. Nathaniel grabs a few trinkets and Susie and rolls off the throne safely, Kylie Rae’s unconscious body rolls off the throne safely and onto STAN’s feet*

Nathaniel: I’ll activate Susie and make her turn back to Su Yung and she’ll kill you all!

Nathaniel: No! NOOO! Not him!!!

*Boogeyman runs up and stuff worms down his throat. Boogeyman takes Susie and moves her to Mike Check’s front yard*

Nathaniel (pukes up worms): HOW DARE YOU! I’m the Supreme Perfect Being!

STAN: That used a cheat code! You lazy mother f–

Mike Check: I’m not familiar with that particular reference there.

*The earth vibrates and shakes*

Nathaniel (looking behind STAN): NO! NOT HIM!!!

*STAN, Mike Check, and John E Bravo turned their head to look behind them to see Rosemary finally arriving. Rosemary is riding on top of…MEGATROLLA!*

John E Bravo: About time bae!

Rosemary (on top of MegaTrolla): Don’t call US bae. WE hate that. Sorry for being so late Father, but The Giant Metal Golem was too heavy for US to teleport. So WE took the long way here.

STAN: Never doubted you for a minute there Bunny.


Nathaniel (screeching): NO! I’m so close to bring TNA back!




Nathaniel (screeching): I WILL KILL YOU ALL! *points a metal rod at STAN, Mike Check, Rosemary, MegaTrolla, and John E Bravo*

Mike Check: Your not a nice pet zombie.


Bravo: Can I say it?

STAN: Consider it a wedding present. Gimpy.

Bravo: I’m not a–!

MegaTrolla: 3!

Bravo: Oh yeah. I forgot!

MegaTrolla: 2!

*Nathaniel powers up his magic rod*

MegaTrolla: 1!

Bravo: Hey, Nathaniel. GO TO HELL!

*MegaTrolla fires his rockets and sub-machine guns at Nathaniel before he could use his magic rod. The bullets and rockets pierce his body. Nathaniel’s body is utterly destroyed. There is no corpse remains as his body has become ash and a fine mist. Nathaniel is no more*

*STAN rolls on the ground laughing his ass off*

Mike Check: Why are you laughing Sam?

STAN (laughing): Oh seeing Nathaniel die is just the funniest I have ever seen! I’ll never stop laughing at it! Never!

Dead or Alive by Van Halen

*On one side of the Mike Check home outside, Kylie Rae & Anna Jay clash with Mike Check’s Daughter trying to find an opening to hit Anna Jay with her stiletto heel. On the other side; Mike Check, STAN, and John E Bravo, are ready to take down Brodie Lee*

*On One Side:*

*Anna Jay & Kylie Rae duke it out.*

Anna Jay: You should had become a member of The Dark Order!

Kylie Rae (trying to fight Anna Jay): No thanks I can make it on my own! *Kylie Rae catches one of Anna Jay punches and takes a look at her watch* (to Mike Check’s Daughter) Is this the correct time? *shows Mike Check’s Daughter Anna Jay’s watch*

Mike Check’s Daughter: I think so.

Kylie Rae (screams and clothesline Anna Jay): I’m missing my MATCH! I’m MISSING MY KNOCKOUTS TITLE MATCH!

*Kylie Rae screams! Kylie Rae picks up Anna Jay, smashes her face to the wall of the Mike Check home. Anna Jay laughs. Kylie Rae superkicks Anna Jay. Kylie Rae performs her “Smile for the Finish” move on Anna Jay until she can hear her bones snap and Anna Jay screaming in pain!

Mike Check’s Daughter: Kylie, I think you did–.

*Kylie Rae picks up Anna Jay, and repeatedly smashes her head into the neighboring steel fence rail, repeatedly ramming Anna Jay’s head on the rail numerous times. Each time Anna Jay’s head is rammed into the steel rail: her eyes are pulverized from the repeated blows, the bones near her eyes crack and shatter, and her head is caved in. Mike Check’s Daughter slumps down in horror due to the utter violence she’s witnessing. Kylie Rae pulls the now dead corpse of Anna Jay off the steel fence. Kylie Rae screams and takes off.*

*On the Other Side.*

STAN: So I got an old man and a wanna be gimp helping me out here?

Bravo: I’m not a GIMP!

Mike Check: Well Sam, you see–!

Brodie Lee: Shut up! I already de powered you and made you immortal Satan! Admit it!

STAN: Yeah you did. I felt it when this guy *points to Mike Check* punched me. Tasted my own blood. I hated it. Now. Dead or Alive, your coming with me.

Brodie Lee: (cracks his knuckles): Bring–What the f–?!?

*Brodie Lee couldn’t finish his sentence as Kylie Rae comes flying out of nowhere like a rabid wolverine. Kylie Rae flies in the air and pins Brodie Lee to the ground. Kylie then repeatedly rams Brodie’s Lee head to the pavement. Brodie Lee unable to get up to the surprise nature of Kylie Rae’s attack but is now unable to get up at all as he feels the concussion that Kylie Rae is giving him. STAN, John E Bravo, and Mike Check are all in shock as Kylie is repeatedly slamming Brodie Lee’s head over and over again. Kylie finally stops as blood is coming out of Brodie Lee’s ears. Kylie Rae slammed Brodie Lee’s head to death*

Kylie Rae (in a berserker rage): WHERE IS HE?!?

Mike Check: Who your looking for?

Kylie Rae (in a berserker rage): The person that made me miss my MATCH!

Mike Check I-m not–.

Bravo: Kylie, you just killed him!

STAN: She means Nathaniel. He’s right over *points towards Natahniel* there.

*Kylie Rae runs off in a fit of rage wanting to kill Nathaniel, STAN shrugs it off.*

Mike Check: What’s up there Sam?

STAN Venus (to Mike Check): I really wanted to kill him. But! Seeing Kylie Rae go all rabid like a pissed chihuahua kind of makes me happy. I knew there was some darkness in her! Now…*removes The Curse Dusty Rhodes Book out of Brodie Lee’s suit pocket.*

Bravo: I don’t want to be Nathaniel! I’ve seen Taya pissed whenever she gets screwed over! Kylie looks like she achieved a Taya Level 5 rage storm!

*Suave, debonair, handsome, “STAN Venus” turns into Devilish “STAN The Troll King”*

STAN The Troll King: Oh, wait until Nathaniel sees my angry face!

Sympathy For The Devil by Ozzy Osbourne

Nathaniel: No this is not over! I am the most powerful being in the universe! Brodie! Kill him!

Brodie Lee: What do you think I’m trying to do Exalted One? He’s overwhelming us with those blasted drones of his!

Nathaniel: You know I can’t effect him! I gave you all the tools! Now, eliminate “Broken” Matt Hardy!

Brodie Lee: Yes, Exalted One. I’m afraid I have no choice! *Pulls out The Cursed Dusty Rhodes Book*. Come here! *grabs Alex Reynolds by the hair and forces him to read The Book* Read the book and gives up a way to beat him!

*Alex Reynolds read The Cursed Dusty Rhodes book then dies. A mystic portal opens and coming out of the portal is Sammy Guevara, armed with a steel chair. Guevara lands a steel chair shot on the back of “Broken” Matt Hardy. Hardy falls unconscious. Guevara lands repeated chair shots on Hardy, mostly on the back with a few on the head. When the job is done, Guevara steps back into the portal and disappears*

Mike Check’s Daughter: Well. That was. Rather specific?

Mike Check: It looks like the odds changed there, feller.

Brodie Lee (panics): No! Its not possible! I did everything right!

Anna Jay (defends Brodie Lee): You still got me Mr. Brodie! I’ll kill them all

*Kylie Rae rushes in*

Kylie Rae: Oh I’ve been waiting for this! I’m supposed to have my Knockouts Title Match *looks at her watch* Right now! You kidnapper me because it was a MISTAKE AND YOU RUINED THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY I EVER HAD!

*Mike Check’s Daughter rushes to Kylie’s aid, armed with a stiletto heel*

Mike Check’s Daughter: I’m kind of getting sick and tired of becoming a victim! From that man *points to STAN* to right now! I’ve been in my fights before! Come on!

*While the ladies fight…*

STAN: Oh! I’ve been waiting for this!

*Mike Check & John E. Bravo rush to his side*

Mike Check: Feller! You crossed with the wrong person! I don’t take kindly to those that want to take my station. I’ll have to follow Mongrovian policy on when a greenhorn like you tries to take over any public media outlets! Death by Combat!

Bravo: You kidnapped my wife! Our wedding is going to happen soon! Don’t you know how stressful this wedding I’m going to have?!?

STAN (to John E Bravo): Aw stop your whining, groomzilla!

Bravo (to STAN): She chose me! I’m proud to be her wife! I got all these simps telling me that I’m not good for her! Your telling me I’m no good for her! Enough of this STAN, Satan, or whatever your name is!

STAN: Look! You overgrown hillbilly! You took my powers, you made me mortal so I have to be like these, ugh! I’m going to need a shower afterwards! The worse part. Is that you (yelling at Brodie Lee and Nathaniel) made people have sympathy for me! The Devil! When I’m done with the both of you! I’m going to make both of you into a cute version of The Human Centipede!

Cowboys From Hell by Pantera

Nathaniel: What a horrible gimmick. It needs to be destroyed!

“Broken” Matt Hardy: Brother Edward Rodham! You need to be–!

Nathaniel: Let me guess? Del-

“Broken” Matt Hardy: DEL-EE-TED! *swinging arm gesture*

Nathaniel: Lame!

“Broken” Matt Hardy: Oh it gets much more than that Brother Edward Rodham! I still owe for trying to torture poor MEEK CHECK with your OBSOLETE! Song selections awhile back and you spraying that foul mustard on me! I DESPISE MUSTARD! This is a declaration of WAR!  YYYEEESSS!!!

*NEO, fka Vanguard-1, flies to “Broken Matt Hardy”*

“Broken” Matt Hardy: Aw NEO! Summon the Aerial Assault Roboteam! Commence Operation “Cowboys from Hell”, on The Order that is Dark! YYEESS!

*NEO flies up to the other Drones in the sky, armed their rockets and starts firing rockets at The Dark Order*

Evil Uno (explosion near him): Mr. Brodie, I think we should run now!

Brodie Lee: We’re fine as long as your near me and The Exalted One by our sides

John SIlver: You hear that you stupid drones! We’re–

*A drone fires a rocket right at John Silver. The rocket lands in SIlver’s head and it explodes on contract killing him instantly!*

Alex Reynolds: AH!

Brodie Lee: He was an an idiot any–

*A drone sneaks up behind The Dark Order. It fires a rocket aimed at Brodie Lee. Anna Jay pushes Stu Grayson in the path of the rocket. The rocket lands on Stu Grayson and kills him immediately*

Evil Uno (looking shocked): STU!!!

Anna Jay: He. Uh? Stepped in the way? Yeah. To protect our leader. Yeah.

Brodie Lee: Exalted One! Protect us! We’re getting killed here!

Nathaniel: Ah you’ll be  fine. This gimmick will die out–What the?!

*Bray Wyatt appears in front of Nathaniel, giggling*

Bray Wyatt: Hi!

“Broken”Matt Hardy: Aw! Samael! What are you doing here?

Bray Wyatt: I heard my bestest best buddy got kidnappers, so I’m here to save the day. *giggles*

“Broken” Matt Hardy: It’s always good to see you Samael!

*Evil Uno sneaks up from behind to take Matt Hardy down, but The Fiend pops up out of nowhere to take him down. The Fiend uses The Mandible Claw on Evil Uno, then uses his giant clown hammer to bash Evil Uno’s brain in killing him instantly*

Bray Wyatt: Looks like your ok here so I’m off. BYE!

*Bray Wyatt gets in a car, driven by Alexa Bliss and takes off While Bray Wyatt leaves, the remaining Dark Order members: Brodie Lee, Alex Reynolds, and Anna Jay gather each other closely*

“Broken” Matt Hardy: It’ s OOVVAAHH for you Order that is Dark!

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