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Halloween by Japan

Happy Halloween Fellers! I thought that this year I won’t play “Halloween Spooks” because it seems like my whiz-kid of a daughter is somewhat angry around this time. Must be one of them filly problems that come around once a month.

Instead I’ll play “Halloween” by Japan here on…The Macker! Happy Halloween!


Monster Mash by Vincent Price

Mike Check’s Daughter: DAD! What did I say last year about playing this god damn song over and over again?!

Mike Check: Now darlin’ I understand that you were angry because probably you weren’t a fan of Bobby Pickett and I can understand that. SO this year I found out that my former drinking buddy Vincent Price actually sang “Monster Mash”. As the kids say “No harm, no foul” right?

Mike Check’s Daughter: AUGH! *storms upstairs*

Spooky by Andy Williams

The Great Pumpkin Waltz by The Vince Guaraldi Trio

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes by Lewis Lee

Vampire Blues by Neil Young

Coming To L.A. by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth

Ole Mike’s dedicating today’s song to the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. This is the opening theme of the film he starred in called “They Live”, where he taught us the value of wearing your sunglasses to see Space Aliens. And I’m gonna put on my pair of shades now in his honor. And anyway, since it’s almost Halloween, Piper also taught us the value of saying…

(*knock on the door*)

Mike Check: Wait fellers (*opens front door*) Hello…

Trick or Treaters (x2): Trick or Treat!

Mike Check: Are you kids supposed to be dressed like spooky lookin’ Space Aliens?

Trick or Treater 1: No…?

Trick or Treater 2: Hey wait? Those sunglasses? He knows…?

Mike Check: I know what there?

Trick or Treater 1: Hand over all of your candy and we won’t kill you, old man!

Mike Check: Okay there you spoiled brat kids. I don’t understand the manners of the kids these days, acting like evil Space Aliens and all? In my day we used to say “please and thank ya”.

Trick or Treater 2: Whatever.

(*Mike hands over only one piece of candy to each of them*)

Trick or Treater 1: Is that it? You cheap old fart?!

Mike Check: Yes. I’m all outta bubblegum, if you know what I mean? (*pulls out his shot gun*)

Trick or Treater 2: Let’s get out of here! (*Both Trick or Treaters run away*).

Mike Check: And don’t come back now, you hear!…(*as both Trick or Treaters run onto the road and around the corner Mike shouts to them*) And watch out for those ‘Idiots in cars’…(*hears several cars smash in the distance*) …Fascinating.

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