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The Mike Check Show has now moved…


Hello fellers! The Mike Check Show has moved to its new home at:


So make sure you tune in there Tomorrow!

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam

Mike’s daughter here. I’ve already mentioned my frustration about using Dad’s crappy old equipment, which is older than some of the songs he plays. Well, since I still haven’t heard from Dad, it looks like I might have to run things around here a bit longer. So I took the liberty of giving “The Mike Check Show” a complete makeover (and don’t ask how I got the money to pay for it, I don’t need John Thomas or Sheriff Dickwell on my back). So launching on August 1st, we will have whole a new look and a new location at MIKECHECKSHOW.WORDPRESS.COM

So kiss goodbye to…Wait, I hear a car pulling up outside……Dad?!

Opposition Proposition by The Decadent

Begin The Beguine by Artie Shaw

Shaddap You Face by Joe Dolce

Mike’s daughter here. “What’s a matter you!” is what I have to say about Dad’s old crappy equipment that he uses for this show! But seeing that he’s not here, I’ll be making some changes around here soon. Stay tuned.

I’d Like To Teach The Whole World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) by The Hillside Singers

All The Things She Said by Simple Minds

HELP! Dad please come back! The requests are getting out of hand here since you took off to WWCR! Now I got some unknown requester that I lost his or her information or WHATEVER requesting “All The Things She Said” by Simple Minds! HELP!

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