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Somebody’s Been Sleeping by 100 Proof Aged In Soul

Well fellers. Tomorrow marks another edition of the “Christmas Carousal” here on The Mike Check Show and my daughter, who’s a whiz-kid, has helped ole Mike set up some radio-doohickeys in my trailer parked just outside Disney World so I can still do the show. My daughter is still running things over at KMCR Studios so that means that we don’t have to rename it “WMCR”…that’s a little radio joke there…

Maybe you fellers were sleeping? Anyway speaking of “sleeping”, I thought ole Mike Check might get you in the mood for the holidays. How you ask? By playing “Somebody’s Been Sleeping” by 100 Proof Aged in Soul here on…THE MACKER!

Golden Dream by Richard Page and Siedah Garrett

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Why did you tell RD & Blade on their show the other day that you’re moonlighting at Disney World when you’re not even supposed to leave the house?! I hope none of the 12 listeners are cops?!

Mike Check: Well Darlin’ I had to tell them since you lost your job over at the “dance studio” & unfortunately “The Mike Check Show” isn’t quite bringing in the dough like you said it would. I know that you’ve been upset lately & doing all those late night job interviews, so I found one of your doohickey escape devices lying around so I can work over there at Disney World. Thanks to that interweb-whatever I found a job driving the Choo-Choo train!

Mike’s Daughter: Uh? That’s strange? Why didn’t I know about this??

Mike Check: I’m quite sure that I mentioned this before? Anyway, there’s a song that plays while I go around “American Adventure Theme Park” on the train…

Mike’s Daughter: …No you never?? But this doesn’t even make sense? I mean, I thought Disney doesn’t allow employees with facial hair? But how…??

Mike Check: …Hush darlin’. It’s “Golden Dream” here on THE MACKER!

Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk

Weeeeell, ole Mike has just appeared on RJ and Brad’s 9th Anniversary show and it reminded me of the time when RJ once told a story on THE WHACKER!, that also happened around this time of year for some reason, about a feller who waited in line at Circuit City for half an hour just for a free calculator. I don’t blame that feller because those whiz-bang inventions are expensive, let me tell you. So I’m dedicating today’s song to the “Calculator Man”, It’s “Pocket Calculator” by Kraftwerk here on THE MACKER!

I Am A Pilgrim by Merle Travis

Well fellers, there were a few listeners that found yesterday’s song, which featured a group of African American rappers dressed Indians, offensive for this time of year? Fascinating? Anyway, I hope this song about Pilgrims is more appropriate, seeing that it’s Thanksgiving and all. So here’s “I Am A Pilgrim” by Merle Travis here on THE MACKER!

Apache (Jump On It) by Sugar Hill Gang

The Battle of Kookamonga by Homer and Jethro

Moon Over Miami by Connee Boswell

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