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Hunger Strike by Temple Of The Dog

Up, Up and Away by Fifth Dimension

Mike Check: Weeeelll there fellers! I apologize for not wishing ya’ll a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday, but ole Mike was out flying a helicopter doin’ my first annual Turkey drop…an activity that suffered a bit of a mishap, let me tell you. But thankfully, my darlin’ daughter played yesterday’s song “Turkey In The Straw”, a song which was a little insensitive on her part because them live Turkeys did not in fact survive….Poor little fellers…But speaking of my daughter, what happened was that her new boyfriend, Laurence, who is an inventor from the Military, had made some little parachutes for the Turkeys so they wouldn’t…(*sigh*) die on the way down. Oh, the irony.

Mike’s daughter: I’m sorry dad. Lawrence’s ideas aren’t always that bright. I mean, I didn’t exactly start dating him for his brains, but he was always such a generous tipper at work…well is was that and his rock, hard—

Mike Check (*interrupts*): Well, this particular idea was definitely NOT bright at all because them parachutes spooked those turkeys and caused chaos on my helicopter’s control panel, taking us into a nose dive. But don’t worry fellers, ole Mike did not die in the crash, as RJ and Brad may have alluded to on WWCR: THE WHACKER…but you may have already guessed that by now? But you fellers are probably also wondering how I had survived? Well, during the nose dive, I fell out of the helicopter and by some darn miracle, I landed inside a hot air balloon which happened to be floating nearby.

Mike’s daughter: Dad? If you weren’t here alive in front of me right now, I would have thought that whole story was too crazy to be true? But there’s so many things about it just don’t make sense, like the fact that it happened on Monday NOT yesterday—???

Mike Check (*interrupts*): There’s no time for questions like that right now there darlin’. Because now it’s NOT time for us to go down like the helicopter but “Up, Up and Away”, with The Fifth Dimension, here on…THE MACKER!

Turkey In The Straw by The Schnickelfritz Band with Freddie Fisher

The Great White Buffalo by The Amboy Dukes

One Thing Leads To Another by The Fixx

Jane by Jefferson Starship

Mr. Bojangles by Sammy Davis Jr.

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