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Love Is Only A Feeling by The Darkness

Tomorrow is the start of “Love On The Ropes Month” already there fellers! January felt like it went by so fast. But February will have you feeling like that “Love Is Only A Feeling”…or something like that?…here on THE MACKER!

One Hundred Ways by James Ingram

The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash

King Is Born by Aloe Blacc

Be The One by PANDORA feat. Beverly

Mike Check: Darlin’. Can you do a favor for me?

Mike’s Daughter: Sure Dad, what’s going on?

Mike Check: Well I got this weird song request from Raggy David for his birthday today and heavens I don’t know what it is?

Mike’s Daughter: It must be one of those “Venture Bros.” songs then

Mike Check: Usually those Denture Brothers songs are covers to popular songs and I don’t recognize it at all. I even went through your stuff–

Mike’s Daughter: DAD! I told you not to go through my stuff!

Mike Check: Sorry Darlin’. Like I was trying to say, not even you had this song.

Mike’s Daughter: That is odd. What’s the song.

Mike Check: The song is called *looking at his e-mail* “Be The One”—

Mike’s Daughter: Let me see *reads e-mail* “Be The One” by PANDORA featuring Beverly?!? What the heck is that?!?

Mike Check: That’s why I’m asking you Darlin’.

Mike’s Daughter: Let me grab my phone *grabs phone* Got it, now a quick Google search…*muttering to herself* “Be The one.” That came up with a lot of charity groups. Let’s try “Be The One Pandora.” Found it Dad! It is an actual song!

Mike Check: Really? Where Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: From Japan, it comes from a TV Show called “Kamen Rider”…Build?

Mike Check: Sounds like a TV Show about a masked carpenter. Does he sneak around and make things like one of them Reality TV Shows?

Mike’s Daughter: Hang on let me check. It sounds like its more than that showed that aired in the U.S called “Kamen Rider Dragon Knight” Dad.

Mike Check: What the–?!

Mike’s Daughter: Never mind Dad. I just downloaded a copy of the song so you can play it. Hopefully this will keep Raging_Demons off our backs.

Mike Check: Thank’s Darlin’. Now I think its time to play that song about a masked carpenterr that likes to build things called “Be The One” by my competition that my whiz kid of a daughter one told me about, PANDORA, featuring this little filly called Beverly here on…The Macker!

Shock The Monkey by Peter Gabriel

Everything Louder Than Everything Else by Meat Loaf

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