Be The One by PANDORA feat. Beverly

Mike Check: Darlin’. Can you do a favor for me?

Mike’s Daughter: Sure Dad, what’s going on?

Mike Check: Well I got this weird song request from Raggy David for his birthday today and heavens I don’t know what it is?

Mike’s Daughter: It must be one of those “Venture Bros.” songs then

Mike Check: Usually those Denture Brothers songs are covers to popular songs and I don’t recognize it at all. I even went through your stuff–

Mike’s Daughter: DAD! I told you not to go through my stuff!

Mike Check: Sorry Darlin’. Like I was trying to say, not even you had this song.

Mike’s Daughter: That is odd. What’s the song.

Mike Check: The song is called *looking at his e-mail* “Be The One”—

Mike’s Daughter: Let me see *reads e-mail* “Be The One” by PANDORA featuring Beverly?!? What the heck is that?!?

Mike Check: That’s why I’m asking you Darlin’.

Mike’s Daughter: Let me grab my phone *grabs phone* Got it, now a quick Google search…*muttering to herself* “Be The one.” That came up with a lot of charity groups. Let’s try “Be The One Pandora.” Found it Dad! It is an actual song!

Mike Check: Really? Where Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: From Japan, it comes from a TV Show called “Kamen Rider”…Build?

Mike Check: Sounds like a TV Show about a masked carpenter. Does he sneak around and make things like one of them Reality TV Shows?

Mike’s Daughter: Hang on let me check. It sounds like its more than that showed that aired in the U.S called “Kamen Rider Dragon Knight” Dad.

Mike Check: What the–?!

Mike’s Daughter: Never mind Dad. I just downloaded a copy of the song so you can play it. Hopefully this will keep Raging_Demons off our backs.

Mike Check: Thank’s Darlin’. Now I think its time to play that song about a masked carpenterr that likes to build things called “Be The One” by my competition that my whiz kid of a daughter one told me about, PANDORA, featuring this little filly called Beverly here on…The Macker!

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