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Auld Lang Syne by Frank Stanley

Happy New Year’s Fellers!

Rock-A-Lott by Aretha Franklin

Hellos fellers! I’d like to thank Rodney for filling in for me the last few days. I would have thanked him personally but my daughter tells me that he had a sudden doctor’s appointment? I hope it’s not that same terrible doctor he used to always talk about; Dr. Vinnie Boombatz? He used to tell stories about him the time we used to co-host a radio show called “The Losers” in New York Market. Like one time he asked him: “Doc, everyday I wake up and I look in the mirror, I wanna throw up. What’s wrong with me?” He said, “I don’t know but your eyesight is perfect!” That doctor gave him “no respect”, let me tell you.

Well speaking of “respect”, here’s a woman who you know demands it. It’s Aretha Franklin with “Rock-A-Lott” here on The Macker!

Tell Her About It by Billy Joel

Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Ritchie

Wild Thing by Sam Kinison

Rappin’ Rodney by Rodney Dangerfield

Mike’s Daughter here. Dad has taken a few days off for the holidays, and after playing “Rappin’ Rodney” today he got the idea for me to call his friend Rodney Dangerfield (Who knows why? What market did he work in??) to fill in for him. Er…I mean, a lot of things seem to go over dad’s head and I guess nobody has told dad that he’s been no longer with us since 2004? But so I don’t hurt his feelings, I’ve prepared few more songs where he makes cameos in…I don’t think dad’ll notice 😉

O Holy Night by Nat King Cole

Merry Christmas from The Mike Check Show fellers!

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