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Why? by Bronski Beat

Mike’s Daughter: Ok dad. So “Who”, which happens to be the name of the Mongrovian guy who died, and his son also happenes to be NWA wrestler, “The Question Mark”, and you think that he wants to fight you? I know I’m gonna regret asking but: Why?

Mike Check: I’m not sure there darlin’? But perhaps this has all something to do with “Why”.

Mike’s Daughter: Why what?

Mike Check: No. She was just “Why”.

Mike’s Daughter: Wait…you’re confusing me?

Mike Check: “Why” is the name of “Who’s” wife.

Mike’s Daughter: So…ok, this really has become almost an Abbott and Costello joke come to life. So “Why” was married to “Who”?

Mike Check: Because she wanted to?

Mike’s Daughter: No…never mind…ok, so “Who” was married to “Why”, and was “What’s” son and also the father of “The Question Mark”. So now that I think I understand, who’s who and what’s what, the question is: What does all this have to do with you, dad?

Mike Check: I’m afraid it might be because that “The Question Mark”, may not be in fact “Who’s” biological son.

Mike’s Daughter: Huh? So, who’s son is he then?

Mike Check: No, that’s what I meant there darlin’. “Who” might not be his father?

Mike’s Daughter: Then…no. Don’t tell me that you are, dad?

Mike Check: Yes….I think?

Mike’s Daughter: So you’re implying that “Why” and you…? Huh?

Mike Check: I’ll get to the story about “Why” I did “Why” after this here song.

The Answer’s In The Question by Bob Seger and Patty Loveless

Mike’s Daughter: Dad? Can you please explain what the letters that you received yesterday mean? They’re written in some foreign language? But it a looks like gibberish to me?

Mike Check: I thought I told you there darlin’? It says: “Who” is no longer with us.

Mike’s Daughter: I didn’t even know “who” was sick?

Mike Check: Neither did I?

Mike’s Daughter: Who are we talking about?

Mike Check: Exactly.

Mike’s Daughter: Look dad, I told you that I’m not doing this Abbott and Costello routine…Wait?…Don’t tell me “Who” was his name?

Mike Check: Yes, haven’t you been listening?

Mike’s Daughter: Whatever, dad. But what language is this written in?

Mike Check: It’s in Mongrovian.

Mike’s Daughter: You mean, Mongolian?

Mike Check: No, Mongrovian. It’s a small country between Mongolia and “Parts Unknown”, but it still hasn’t been recognized as a country by the U.N.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad. You do know that it’s a made up Country by that masked guy from NWA Power Wrestling on YouTube?

Mike Check: Yes. And he is “The Question Mark” and I think that he might be “What’s” son, and he has a score to settle with ole Mike.

Mike’s Daughter: So I guess, that explains the 2nd letter with the “question mark” on it? But this is ridiculous. You know it’s all just a gimmick, right? This is probably just someone playing an April Fool’s prank?

Mike Check: It’s no gimmick, darlin.

Mike’s Daughter (*sarcastically*): Right. So “The Question Mark” wants to fight you. If that’s so, then Why?

Mike Check: I think “The Answer’s in the Question”?

A Question Mark by Elliott Smith

Mike Check: Well hello there fellers! It’s April, and that means that we will celebrate our “9 Years of Whackin'”!

*knock at the door*

Mike Check: Hello feller? You’re not our usual mail man…what’s his name? You know the feller who looks like a fat Elvis impersonator?

FedEx guy: No, I’m from FedEx. I have a registered letter for you from Mongrovia. Would you please sign here?

Mike Check: Sure.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad? What is it?

* Mike Check opens Envelope and reads letter*

Mike’s Daughter: Dad? What are you reading?

Mike Check: It seems that an old pal of mine has died?

Mike’s Daughter: Who?

Mike Check: Exactly.

Mike’s Daughter: What?

Mike Check: No, you were right the first time. But “What” was his father.

Mike’s Daughter: Huh?

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there darlin? I don’t know “huh”?

Mike’s Daughter: *sigh* I’m not doing this Abbott and Costello routine with you! (*sees another piece of paper in the envelope*) Dad, what’s that other letter?

Mike Check (*pulls out 2nd paper from envelope*): Oh, no?!

Mike’s Daughter: What is it? (*Sees letter*) Dad? All I see on it is a “Question Mark”? Wait? Does this have some kind of connection of that phone number of Seven “Question Marks” that’s been prank calling us weekly?

Mike Check: I think so darlin’? And I think might know who it is and that this feller has a score to settle with ole Mike?

The Unanswered Question by Charles Ives

Mike Check: Well there fellers! Tomorrow is our 9th Anniversary on the Mike Check Show, making it now “9 Years Of Whackin”! …(*to his daughter*) So do we have any quests coming on there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: No, they all cancelled due to being scared of catching the “Corona Virus. So nothing special planned for this year?

*phone rings*

Mike Check: Well perhaps it’s someone calling to uncancel now? (*picks up phone*) Hello, KMCR. Mike Check speaking?

*Deep voice on the phone*: EYYYYEEEEEE?!?!?!? (*phone hangs up*)

Mike Check: So darlin’ did you catch that phone tapping thingamabob gadget on your computer there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes…I mean, what? That’s odd? Numbers are supposed to appear on the screen but all that comes up are (“??? ????”) seven question marks? I’m not sure what this means?

Mike Check: This whole hing has just become an “Unanswered Question” there darlin?

Think (About It) by Lynn Collins

Shakin’ All Over by Johnny Kidd and The Pirates

Achoo by Sparks

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