Bohemian Rhapsody by The Muppets

Since our G rated format for our 8th Anniversary wasn’t working so well and losing in the rating, we enlisted the help of our old friend “Bookie” or “Wookie” Matt for some assistance there. But unfortunately, our “word of the day” was still “failure”:

Mike’s daughter: Look dad, this whole educational G rated show is just been disastrous, maybe we should just give this whole thing up?

Mike Check: I don’t think we should should give up yet there darlin’, there’s still time to turn this progrem around?

Mike’s daughter: Well our numbers thing was an epic fail, and the alphabet thing is going no…Oh, wait? Are we on? Uh…Hi kids, my dad and I were just discussing—

(*Mike’s daughter is interrupted by Broken/Woken Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff being teleported by Vanguard 1 into Mike Check’s living room*)

Woken Matt: YYYYEEEESSSSSSS! Brother Nero, Vanguard 1, This will be a WONDERFUL location to document my “Weekly Woken Word of The Week”!

Mike’s Daughter: The Hardy Boyz? But I don’t remember booking any of you for our show today? And I thought you weren’t “Woken” or Broken anymore, Matt?

Woken Matt: (*changes to normal accent*) Well you could say that, but I have recently become MULTIFARIOUS, so I’ll change to what ever “version” (*does the V1 hand sign*) of myself the situation requires. (*changes back to Woken accent*) But today, it was of great importance that I transform and become WOKEN once again. YYYEEEEESSS! And I have arrived with my Brother Jeff, my brother Nero, to provide you with some assistance under the request of my dear King Maxell and Lord Wolfgang, who are FAANS of your MEEK Check Progrem of the NEW!

Mike’s daughter: Really, well we can use anything right now? Actually, the show today is all yours, go ahead.

Woken Matt: Very well, MEEK Check’s daughter with large mammary glans! If you have not heard, I have been performing weekly segments on The Tube of You in order to educate a larger use of vocabulary to the WWE Universe!

Jeff Hardy: That’s right Matt, and we were thinking of a word for today and couldn’t think of just one, man. I was watching a film called “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which is about one of my favorite rock bands, Queen. And there are two words in that title that I didn’t even know what they meant until my brother Matthew Moore Hardy explained them to me.

Woken Matt: That is absolutely CORRECT brother Nero. As a BONUS, there will be not one but TWO Woken Words of the week! YYYYEEESSS! The word of firsts is “Bohemian” which is a noun which meaning is: “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.” And the word “Rhapsody”, which is also a noun, which meaning is: “an instrumental composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation”. Now let me use them in a sentence to give it CON-TEXT! MEEK Check is so “Bohemian” that his Progrem has become nothing more than a “Rhapsody”!

Mike Check: I’m not sure I understand that particular reference there Wookie Matt?

Woken Matt: The words that I speak are a lesson to you MEEK Check. The goal of my Tube Of You progrem is to provide the three EEEE’s which are to “Educate”, “Entertain”, and “Enlighten” and you must do the same here for your own listeners so they are able to experience all three! If you do not heed my warning, your progrem will unfortunately be DELETED!

Jeff Hardy: And (*singing*) “You’ll fade away and classify yourselves as OBSOLETE!

Woken Matt: OBSOLETE!

Mike’s daughter: Well I know what we need to do now. Why thanks Woken Matt and Jeff.

Woken Matt: WONDERFUL! The pleasure was all OURS. YYYEEEEEEESSSS!

Mike Check: Well on that note, I might still not understand what “Bohemian Rhapsody” means, but I know it’s a song—

Woken Matt: Hold on. That musical piece may be not suitable for the youth, so I have transformed it to be sung by “the Pets of Mup”!

Mike Check: Who?

Mike’s daughter: I think he meant The Muppets dad?

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