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Happy, Happy Birthday Baby by Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson

Mick Check: Well tommorrow is The Mike Check Show’s “5 years of Whackin’ Month” and I don’t know what that Rick Foley feller has in store for ole Mike, but I guess he’s here’s to give me a big Anniversary surprise here on THE WHACKER!

Mick Foley: Hi Mike, I’m glad to be…RIGHT HERE…in Sacramento! Are you ready for me to reveal my huge surprise for tomorrow?

Mike Check: This better be good there feller.

Mick Foley: Well you’ll be pleased to know that for your birthday I present: “MIKE CHECK: THIS IS YOUR LIFE!” And since today might be considered our little pre-show, Mike today I present Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson to sing you this Happy birthday tune!

Mike Check: That is a nice surprise there Rick. But it’s not my birthday, it’s my progrem’s Anniversary?

Mick Foley: Oh….well when I’m with you it sure feels like somebody’s birthday! (*crickets*) Yeah ah, I’m sorry for the damage to your windows I caused back in my youth delivering newspapers in Long Island, New York. I had a split personality disorder that I’m still dealing with, and I know that it’s hard to believe, but sometimes I wasn’t the nice guy that my wrestling fans have come to know. Oh, and I’m sorry for that prank last year where I gave you tickets to my stand-up show even though that I knew that you couldn’t use them. So I present to you a “life celebration” as a way of saying I’m sorry and I’m also inviting some surprise mystery guests from your past and present to celebrate with us.

Mike Check: That’s quite okay there Rick. So who’s the first guest there?

Mick Foley: I’m glad you asked, because tomorrow I’m lining up a huge guest who I’m told was a good friend of yours. I won’t tell you who he is, but I will say that since this guest is famous so it’s definitely not…”Al Snow”.

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there?

Mick Foley: Sorry that was actually supposed to be a joke, eh, but I will give you this clue: It’s a “2-time Hall Of Famer” who’s actual birth name is “Richard”.

Mike Check: Wait a minute feller, isn’t “Richard” short for “Rick”? It’s not you again feller?

Mick Foley: No. I told you, my name is “Mick”. Tomorrow’s guest is “Ri…Oh, wait a minute there. You almost made me spoil the surprise. But for that, join us tomorrow RIGHT HERE on “MIKE CHECK: THIS IS YOUR LIFE!” BANG BANG!

Winter by Tori Amos

Well Rick Foley, the former WWWF wrestler and little delinquent from my days living in Long Island, New York, says that he has a huge surprise for my birthday? I’m not sure if it’s my birthday, I know that it will soon be “5 Years of Whackin'” Anniversary month here on The Mike Check Show. He won’t tell me what it is but I just hope that he doesn’t plan on bringing back Angry John again? Anyway, he requested that I play “Winter” to get himself warmed-up for the show…I’m not quite sure how a song about the cold months of the year can warm you up or the fact that he wants to hear it in Spring? But here’s Tori Amos here on…”THE WHACKER”! (I think I can still call it that for our Anniversary?)

Together Forever by Rick Astley

Mike Check: Weeell. That was “Together Forever” by Rick Astley here on KMCR, so…Happy April Fool’s Day there fellers!

Mike’s Daughter: Uh Dad, today is March 29, and it’s the wrong Rick Astley song that you played for that stupid “Rick Roll” meme which was already old when you did it 4 years ago!

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular “Rick n’ Roll” reference there? Oh, speaking of “Rick n’ Rolls”, do you know if I remembered to ask that Rick Foley feller if he’s gonna be providing some sandwiches for next month’s 5th Anniversary celebration?

Mike’s Daughter: *sigh*

Right On Track by The Breakfast Club

Mike Check: Is that my ole radio partner Wink Martindale I see there?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Yeah dad its him. I didn’t know you worked with him?

Mike Check: I said already on Veteran’s Day how Wink was always such a funny guy. The times he kept saying I was scum, the times he always took my parking spots. Heh! Even that one time he said that he’ll kill me if I ever see him again! I tell you darlin’ Wink’s such a funny guy.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Sounds like you used your usual charm on him dad.

Mike Check: Wink always kept me “Right On Track”. And speaking on Right on Track here’s “The Breakfast Club” (wasn’t that a movie) here on…The MACKER!

*Mike Check’s Daughter sighs*

God Gave Rock And Roll To You by Argent

Well it’s Easter fellers it’s a day where ole Mike celeberates the day God gave us….ROCK N’ ROLL here on THE MACKER!

Happy Boy by The Beat Farmers

The Creation by Joseph Haydin

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