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Doctor Love by First Choice

Weeell hello Fellers! February’s “Love on The Ropes Month” returns once again tomorrow on The Mike Check Show! I’m still currently looking for the highest bidder to acquire my services, so perhaps you’re lookin’ for ole Mike to be your “Doctor”? Perhaps not a Doctor of the medical persuasion, but who are you gonna call to get your prescriptions filled when it comes to the golden tones of “Love”? That’s Mike Check, that’s who, aka “Doctor Love”, here on…THE MACKER!…brought to you courtesy of


In Living Color by Heavy D and Eddie F / Finesse (Remix) by Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, I know that my apparent “internship” was a failure but we need to play a brand new song today on The Mike Check Show. Oh and if Raging_Demons asks, this song was your idea? Okay?

Mike Check: Okay there darlin’…you’re talkin about that feller from! It’s your archive for all things RJ and Brad related! It may not be exciting as your ole buddy Mike Check in a helicopter or playin’ some golden tones over in your particular market, but—

Mike’s Daughter (*interrupts*): Yes dad! You don’t need to do the sponsorship thing today! But anyway, the song’s by Bruno Mars—

Mike Check: ‘Mars’? ‘Mars’? Why does that word remind me of something?

Mike’s Daughter: You’re probably thinking about the apparent Martian invasion that Doc Brown said was going to happen this year?

Mike Check: That’s right…oh no, I just hope that Doc does something with that time machine to stop our impending doom?

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah, he’s probably found a way to fix everything already…although if he did, would we be remembering it right now?…I don’t know…Anyway, speaking of going in a “time machine”, the music video of this song is a throwback of the show “In Living Color”, that was on all the way back to the 1990’s—

Mike Check: Oh, yes I remember that, but the 1990’s wasn’t that long ago darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Well the 90’s were like 20 or so years ago dad?

Mike Check: Fascinating. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes, but in your case, time flew from the 1890s.

Mike Check: I might be old there darlin’ but ole Mike still has all the “Finesse” around here on…THE MACKER!

Torn Between Two Lovers by Mary MacGregor

Weell hello there fellers! Since my darlin’ daughter had some recent trouble with those fellers over at, and so Raggy_David doesn’t have me sent back to the slammer, we here at The Mike Check Show have arranged with his boss, Premier Blake, to have ole Mike gainfully employed as a sponsorship spokesman of their website over on RJ and Brad‘s latest progrem of WWCR, number #269.

So make sure to visit! It’s your archive for all things RJ and Brad related! It may not be exciting as your ole buddy Mike Check in a helicopter or playin’ some golden tones over in your particular market, but I guarantee you, straight from Premier Blake himself, that you’ll have a very…very…very…very…fascinating grand ole time over at…THE WHACKER!

Well now that ole Mike’s services are available to the highest bidder, this reminds me of the time I worked the Macon, Georgia market at several stations trying to find someone who’d to acquire my services. I did not work under my real name of Mike Check, I went under name “Bobby Peach”. And my sign off was always: “If you shave my peaches, you’ll see my cream”. Sadly that did not play well in that particular market and people got offended by it…I don’t know why? But anyway, seeing that there many people looking for my services, it makes me feel like I’m “Torn Between Two Lovers”, just like “Mary MacGregor” here on…THE MACKER!…brought to you courtesy of!

Shut Up and Drive by Weep

Raging_Demons (on speaker phone): Now that we have everybody here let’s talk about what happened the past month. Mike, you do not have any authority to create any internships for your “radio station” and if we did we’re certainly not of all people are not going to let your daughter have one. Moving forward if you need any hired help just give us a call okay?

Mike Check: Yes, sir.

Raging_Demons: Now Mike, we’re not going to punish you. However your daughter–

Mike’s Daughter: What about me, dork?

Raging_Demons: Well you changed my requests without my permission, you were playing music that incited a bunch of racists–

Mike’s Daughter: That’s a lie, Fake News!

Raging_Demons: Fake news? Really? Luckily Bill Goldberg owed me a favor after not reaching your dad, so I asked him to check out the area and he heard and saw everything! Now out of all people how did you not know that Taylor Swift had Nazi fans?

Mike’s Daughter: Fake news?

Raging_Demons: Even with my subtle warnings you still continued on with this behavior. Mike, if your daughter touches your equipment, play one song ever again after this call, or even creates a mess like this your going back to prison you understand me?

Mike Check: Yes, sir.

Raging_Demons: Now you. I think the punishment fits the crime here since you DO love music. I never planned to request this song but let me ask you a question. Ever hear of a band called “Weep?”

Mike’s Daughter: No, never heard of them.

Raging_Demons: You probably haven’t but Weep can be considered itself an indie band that’s influenced by goth and you probably heard if their singer; a man by the name of Doc Hammer. Does that name ring a bell?

Mike’s Daughter: Why should I…No! NO! Not that!

Raging_Demons: That’s right, Doc Hammer co-created…”The Venture Bros!”

Mike’s Daughter (sobbing): OH no, no, no!

Raging_Demons: Your going to play Weep’s cover of the Rhianna’s classic; “Shut Up And Drive”, and if you don’t play it, Daddy goes back to jail!

Mike’s Daughter: FINE!

Raging_Demons: And do it like dear old dad!

Mike’s Daughter (clenching her teeth): Here’sShutUpAndDrivebyWeepHereOnTheMacker.

Raging_Demons: OH and Mike, please make sure that no one messes with Kai’s Eurovision songs please.

Mike Check: No problem, sir.

The Letter by Joe Cocker

*furious knocking on the door*

Mike’s Daughter: Okay, okay, coming!

*Mike Check’s Daughter opens the door and its a face very familiar to her*

“John”: Hey baby!

Mike’s Daughter (closes door): What the hell are you doing here?!

“John”: Well you said on Twitter that today you were giving out your “Exclusive VIP Service” out for free at this address.

Mike’s Daughter: I DID WHAT ON TWITTER?!? *Takes out her Cellphone and access Twitter* Oh my God! My Twitter was hacked! You gotta believe me baby I would never do it here at this address.

“John”: Then you should tell that to the other guys. *A line is formed that goes around the entire block*

Mike’s Daughter: HOLY–! *Cellphone Rings* *Answers Cellphone* WHAT?!?

Raging_Demons: Don’t like it when someone changes things you had set eh?


Raging_Demons: Guilty as charged. I had the IT guys here give you a lesson. Now do you admit you sabotaged my week?

Mike’s Daughter: Nope, I didn’t do it.

Raging_Demons: Release the other tweets guys!

Mike’s Daughter (checking Twitter): OH NO! NO! NO! NO! I’m not doing any of that German crap! OK! OK! You win! Yes I sabotaged your requests on purpose!

Raging_Demons: She tapped out guys!

Mike’s Daughter (checking Twitter): Oh thank god!

*The line slowly dissipates*

Raging_Demons: We’ll talk about your punishment tomorrow but for today since its my birthday lets listen to your Dad play a classic song. It’s “The Letter” by Joe Cocker. Its truly an awesome song.

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street by The Kids / God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash

Mike Check: Darlin’ can you get the next track ready?

Mike’s Daughter; Sure Dad! Gotta do this fast. OH I hope the dork knows how to get to Sesame Street! *Cackle*

Mike Check: Wait a minute! That doesn’t sound like the song that Raggy_David requested?

Mike’s Daughter: Oh yeah its the song that he requested. He was just on the phone right now and said he wanted that particular song Daddy. *sad face pout*

Mike Check: Well I can’t get mad at *computer sounds off “YOU GOT MAIL!”* I got to go check on the electronic mail there. *reads e-mail* Darlin’ I have to play this now.

Mike’s Daughter: Play what?

Mike Check This song by Johnny Cash, it’s dedicated to “the person that’s been messing around with KMCR this past week.” According to the title of the song if Johnny Cash is telling you that “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” then you are in for some serious trouble!

Mike’s Daughter: ULP!

Whip My Hair by Willow Smith / You’ve Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest

Mike’s Daughter: Great, just great! With that CD trashed how am I going to screw over that ass? GAH! *kills time by watching videos on Youtube, Youtube recommends Willow Smith video* Wait! That’s it! OH Raging_Demons, I hope you whip your back and forth! LOL!

*Mike Check walks downstairs groggy*

Mike Check: Ugh!

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! You alright?

Mike Check: Yeah Darlin’ I’m fine. Last thing I remember I was getting the mail ready, I ran out of stamps so I borrowed o a stamp that was over there.

Mike’s Daughter: Oh no! Did you use one of those Baron Corbin stamps that The Honky Tonk Mailman gave me?! I was meant to throw those away!

Mike Check: Now that I’m up let me check my electronic mail over there.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad you don’t really have to–

Mike Check: Let me check here! *looks at his e-mail* Well. I have to play this song here Darlin’. Seems something afoul has been going on here so whoever has been screwing around with KMCR “You Got Another Thing Coming” here on…THE MACKER!

(click here if video is blocked in your market)

*Mike Check’s Daughter nervously laughs*

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