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Sugar Walls by Sheena Easton

To close “Love On The Ropes Month” for another year, this last “sugar” song goes out to that fine filly “Dixie” again. And judging by that tiny picture on her “Tweeter” messages, she kinda looks looks like Sheena Easton…
…Well maybe not, but ole Mike wouldn’t mind to come and spend the night inside her “sugar walls” if she wasn’t married, let me tell you, here on THE MACKER!

Sugar Dumpling by Sam Cooke

Oh no fellers?! Another…I mean…this ONE filly called Claire…”Lunch” or something there?…is claiming there that she’s having ole Mike’s love-child? But my daughter seems to think that it’s all some extortion prank on Mike Check, so she suggests that maybe if enough of you fellers out there send some angry Twits on your Tweeter thingamabobs to this terrible actress, that perhaps she’ll go away. So hopefully that solves that…and Well speaking of “Lunch”, here’s a song about what I’m sure that filly Dixie would like to have in her mouth; it’s ole Mike’s “Sugar Dumpling” here on THE MACKER!

Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard

Mike Check: Although this next song is not really a love song, many children were conceived by ole Mike while listening to this tune, let me tell you…

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! I told you not to mention that! Do you want to get in trouble again?!

Mike Check: Er…I mean…forget I said anything!…Here’s another one for Dixie, who ole Mike would like to “Pour Some Sugar On”…I mean here’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard here on THE MACKER!

Sugar Daddy by The Jackson 5

Mike Check: Well playing all these songs about “Sugar” for this fine Dixie filly has reminded me the of pet-name “Sugar Daddy” that many of the fine fillies have called Mike Check after spending the night with me. Unfortunately that moniker has lead to some jail-time for ole Mike just because, lets just say, “Daddy” ran out of the “Sugar”.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! I hope they don’t catch on to you for mentioning that?!

Sugar Baby Love by The Rubettes

Well that fine southern belle Dixie has another request for The Mike Check Show:


…Fascinating. Well here’s The Rubettes here on THE MACKER!

Sugartime by The McGuire Sisters

There are a few fellers out there who say that these “Twits”, or whatever they are called, are not really from the southern belle called “Dixie” from TNA. Well my daughter, who is one hell of a whiz-kid, wanted to show one of her messages here on The Mike Check Show to prove that they’re the “real deal” if you will. I don’t know how she’s going to do that on a radio show, but did mention that my daughter was one hell of a whiz-kid before? I don’t remember?


Well yes you can you fine filly, here on THE MACKER!

Sugar And Spice by The Cryan’ Shames

My daughter tells me that the female listener who has been requesting these songs is called “Dixie” (I didn’t get her last name). She wrote on the Tweeter that these songs related to “sugar” on The Mike Check Show have been “Making me blush, Sugah”. Well I hope she wants some “Sugar” as well as “spice” because here’s “Sugar & Spice” by The Cryan’ Shames here on THE MACKER!

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