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Shadows of a Setting Sun by Shadows of The Sun

Mike’s Daughter: Dad I was wondering if you could play a song for me?

Mike Check: Anything for you Darlin’.

Mike’s Daughter: Remember that song that I played last year? The one that was popular with iTunes?

Mike Check: Oh no Darlin’! I’m not playing that song again! I asked a few people who came to the house what this “iTunes” is and they said its made by Apple. I’m in no way dealing with Apple Records! Thhat hack Ringo created that company!

Mike’s Daughter: Not Apple Records Dad, Apple! As in the big– Never mind. Look I just want you to play the sequel to the song.

Mike Check: There was a sequel? Like The Goonies songs?

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah kinda. The song I played last year was the wrestling theme for a wrestler named Shinsuke Nakamura, and at that time he was a good guy–

Mike Check: You mean “Face”.

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah Dad. And when Nakamura went bad guy–

Mike Check: You mean “Heel”.

Mike’s Daughter: Yes Dad, “Heel”. When he went heel, WWE made a new song for Shinsuke Nakamura. Gee Dad, you understand the whole Face/Heel concept but not iTunes was not created by Apple Records.

Mike Check: That seems like an unusual thing to do. *phone rings* Hang on Darlin’. *picks up phone* KMCR Radio?

Mick Foley: Hey Mikey!

Mike Check: Oh no! I mean! Hi Rick!

Mick Foley: I heard your conversation while I was listening to you Mikey and I just wanna say that its not unusual for WWE to make a song when your face and a song when your a heel. They did for me when I was “Mankind”; when I wasa heel they gave me a haunting melody and when I was a face they gave me a snazzy 3-cord number.

Mike Check: That’s great Rick, I–

Mick Foley: Hey Mikey! Could you do me a favor and help me promote my next autograph signing?

Mike Check: Sure Rick.

Mick Foley: I’ll be in Sumter, SC on January 25th and Lexington, NC on January 26th to do an autograh signing for Big Time Wrestling. The details can be found on

Mike Check: Sure I can– *A closet door unexpectedly open spilling out a whole bunch of brooms and other janitorial stuff spills out of the closet, landing on Mike Check rendering him unconscious*

Mick Foley: Hello?

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah hi Mick, its his daughter. Seems like my Dad was knocked out. Let me help you out promoting for those events while I play “Shadows of a Setting Sun” by Shadows of The Sun.

Mick Foley: All right, thanks!

Drift Away by Dobie Gray

*knock on the door*

Mike Check: I’ll get it.

Mick Foley (tumbling in holding a big box of records and CDs): Hey Mikey!

Mike Check (dodges Foley from hitting him): Wha! What are you doing here Rick? Are you still trying to celebrate our friendship again from last year?

Mike’s Daughter (yelling from upstairs): Who’s that at the door?

Mike Check: Rick Foley is back again!

Mike’s Daughter (yelling from upstairs): Oh my god! I’ve got to call our insurance to see if we’re covered in all things Foley!

Mike Check (to Foley): Why are you here Rick? You better not have brought me any Ringo Starr records this time there feller?

Foley: Wweellll….no. I think it’s safe to say that you won’t be breaking your window with anything in this collection? Heh-heh. But anyway, I was recently going through some old clothes, comics, WWE memorabilia and thinking of doing a major auction for charity in the summer and also came across this old box of records and I thought of you. I also happened to be listening to your show and hearing that you were playing the soundtrack to “The Guardians of The Galaxy” movies these past two weeks, but you seemed to have missed some music.

Mike Check: No I didn’t. I have these two CDs right here.

Foley: Yes you did now let me explain. Awhile back I was at a comic-com, you know signing autographs when I saw my old friend Will Friedle, we met on the “Boy Meets World” set. Of course he’s now the voice of “Star-Lord” on the “Guardians of The Galaxy” animated series.

Mike Check: I thought it was a movie?

Foley: After the first movie Disney and Marvel made a cartoon series, sorry “animated series”. Marvel went and made their own version of the “Awesome Mixes” called “The Cosmic Mix Vol. 1” for the show. Will told me that James Gunn, the guy directing the movies, wasn’t particularly thrilled that it was made–

Mike Check: Do you have it Rick?

Foley: Oh! Oh Yeah! Its in this box of records that I was going to give to you Mikey. *gives the big box of records to Mike Check* I was going to give you these records for you as a gift. *digs in the box* Its in here somewhere.

Mike Check (trying to keep his balance): Its a little heavy here Rick.

Foley: Let’s see. Nope. *pulls an album out*. Not that one. *pulls a CD out* So that’s where that one was! *puts it back in the box*

Mike Check: Could you hurry it up here Rick?!?

Mike’s Daughter (running downstairs): Bad news Dad, if Mick Foley tries another ring explosion we’re not covered but if he–

*Mike Check trips and falls, with the box landing on him covered in albums and CD’s*

Mike’s Daughter: DAD!!!

Foley: Aw! There it is! *picks up the “Cosmic Mix CD”*

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Are you okay?

Mike Check: Yeah. I’m gonna “Drift Away” for a bit, Rick has a CD that he wants you to play. *passes out*

Foley: Heh-heh. *Gives the CD to Mike’s Daughter*

Mike’s Daughter: Wait, what’s this? “The Cosmic Mixes”? There’s another damn Guardians CD?! Do we have to play this because I thought that are we going to play my…

Foley *interrupts and pretends to be distracted*: What’s that Colette? *presses his hand to hear as if he heard something* Noelle’s needs my help. Oh Dear! I got to go! *Foley leaves*

Our New Year by Tori Amos

Happy New Year fellers! I was thinking that maybe I was a little harsh on Rick Foley a couple of days ago. I don’t know what ‘possessed’ that feller to play a song by my arch enemy Ringo Starr but I suppose that it was just an honest mistake. And I would have been a little nicer if I knew that the poor feller is doing it tough because of his bum hip needing surgery. So ole Mike is gonna turn a new leaf by playing a song from one of his favorite singers; Tori Amos. So here’s “Our New Year” here on…THE MACKER!

With A Little Help From My Friends by Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band

Mick Foley: Well here’s the last song that I’m gonna play that’s related to the “F” word…”friend”. Ha ha ha. It’s “That’s What Friends Are For” here on…THE MACKER, BANG BANG!

Mike Check: That’s not…! That’s a Ringo Starr song! Why would you play that after you know darn well that I hate that hack of a drummer!

Mick Foley: No, it was a mistake. Honest. I told you that I was supposed…Mike! No!

Mike Check: (*Mike throws Foley’s whole box of CDs at the window not realizing that it was closed and breaks it*) Look what you did there feller! You broke my gawd darn windows again, just like you did years ago!

Foley: But Mike, that was you that just…but I’ll pay for the damage anyway…

Mike Check: Get out of my house!

Foley: Or should I send you a check?

Mike Check: I said, out!

Foley: What about our “bro-mance”?

Mike Check: Out!

Foley (*sadly*): Have a nice day (*Foley picks up his things and walks out*)

Mike Check: I have another “F” word for this…”Fascinating”!

Friends by Whodini

Mick Foley: Don’t worry, I’m not mad at the fact that your daughter smashed one of my CDs yesterday Mike. I wouldn’t let something like that get in the way of our little “bro-mance” here.

Mike Check: What a minute there Rick. Ole Mike is not into that kinda thing, let me tell you.

Mick Foley: No, no, no. I guess, as you say, that you “didn’t understand my particular reference”. No it’s just one of those new-age terms like “B.F.F.”?

Mike Check: I don’t know Rick. I think I’m gonna have to look up those terms in my “Funk and Wagnalls”?

Mick Foley: Uh? Can you say the “F” word on the air?

Mike Check: What? It’s the name of my dictionary there feller?

Mick Foley: Oh. I thought you said…Well, speaking of the dictionary, here’s Whodini with his definition of “Friends”.

Mike Check: Wait. I didn’t know that Houdini had a song? Fascinating.

Mick Foley: No, I said…never mind.

Friends by Dragon Sound

Mick Foley: Hey Mikey. I was going to play us the theme tune to the TV show ‘Friends’ but I seemed to mixed up the CD collection that I brought over. But I do have this obscure song from an 80’s film “Miami Connection” about a rock band who fight a gang of ninja bikers, that you might like?

Mike Check: Whatever feller. This song can’t be any more worse than that film there.

Mike’s Daughter: (*runs into the room and smashes the CD with a sledgehammer*) Aggh! Stop playing that!

Mick Foley: Hey! What are you doing?

Mike Check: Darlin’, Rick here wasn’t playing any songs from that Turtle movie that drove you crazy before Christmas? This is from a different film.

Mike’s Daughter: I know. (*continues to smash CD with a sledgehammer*).

You’re A Friend Of Mine by Clarence Clemons with Jackson Browne

Mick Foley: Hey Mikey. Here’s another song from my box of CDs that I brought along. I used to sing this one in the Karaoke bars back in my wrestling days as a duet with my friend Al Snow.

Mike Check: Really?

Foley: Nah I told a little fib…Al Snow was never my friend. Ha ha ha.

Mike Check: Was that supposed to be a joke there feller? Because I don’t understand that particular reference there Rick?

Foley: Er, yeah, ah. Well here’s something that’s not a fib.

Mike Check: What’s that feller?

Foley: “You’re A Friend Of Mine”! BANG BANG!

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