Happy, Happy Birthday Baby by Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson

Mick Check: Well tommorrow is The Mike Check Show’s “5 years of Whackin’ Month” and I don’t know what that Rick Foley feller has in store for ole Mike, but I guess he’s here’s to give me a big Anniversary surprise here on THE WHACKER!

Mick Foley: Hi Mike, I’m glad to be…RIGHT HERE…in Sacramento! Are you ready for me to reveal my huge surprise for tomorrow?

Mike Check: This better be good there feller.

Mick Foley: Well you’ll be pleased to know that for your birthday I present: “MIKE CHECK: THIS IS YOUR LIFE!” And since today might be considered our little pre-show, Mike today I present Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson to sing you this Happy birthday tune!

Mike Check: That is a nice surprise there Rick. But it’s not my birthday, it’s my progrem’s Anniversary?

Mick Foley: Oh….well when I’m with you it sure feels like somebody’s birthday! (*crickets*) Yeah ah, I’m sorry for the damage to your windows I caused back in my youth delivering newspapers in Long Island, New York. I had a split personality disorder that I’m still dealing with, and I know that it’s hard to believe, but sometimes I wasn’t the nice guy that my wrestling fans have come to know. Oh, and I’m sorry for that prank last year where I gave you tickets to my stand-up show even though that I knew that you couldn’t use them. So I present to you a “life celebration” as a way of saying I’m sorry and I’m also inviting some surprise mystery guests from your past and present to celebrate with us.

Mike Check: That’s quite okay there Rick. So who’s the first guest there?

Mick Foley: I’m glad you asked, because tomorrow I’m lining up a huge guest who I’m told was a good friend of yours. I won’t tell you who he is, but I will say that since this guest is famous so it’s definitely not…”Al Snow”.

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there?

Mick Foley: Sorry that was actually supposed to be a joke, eh, but I will give you this clue: It’s a “2-time Hall Of Famer” who’s actual birth name is “Richard”.

Mike Check: Wait a minute feller, isn’t “Richard” short for “Rick”? It’s not you again feller?

Mick Foley: No. I told you, my name is “Mick”. Tomorrow’s guest is “Ri…Oh, wait a minute there. You almost made me spoil the surprise. But for that, join us tomorrow RIGHT HERE on “MIKE CHECK: THIS IS YOUR LIFE!” BANG BANG!

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