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I Hope That Something Better Comes Along by Kermit The Frog with Rowlf The Dog

Mike Check: So tomorrow marks our “8 Years Of Whackin'” Anniversary month here fellers and—

Mike’s daughter: Are you sure? I can’t see us having an anniversary month that can be Rated G? I mean, you especially dad couldn’t be P.C. on any normal day of the year anyway?

Mike Check: P.C.? This no time to bring up that Celeron computer that you always wanted for Christmas there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter: No. As in “Politically Correct”? You know, like not being offensive and out of touch?

Mike Check: It’ll be alright there darlin’, changing formats at radio stations is quite common, and this is just like…did I ever tell you fellers about the time I worked the┬áLos Angeles, California market? I worked at a radio station known as; KRHD: Rock Hard 69! I didn’t work under my real name of Mike Check, I changed my name to Willy Hard and my partner was a Korean feller called Suk Mi-Off and we were the “Suk Hard Allnight Show”! Well, our station changed owners which meant that the whole radio statio went in a completely different direction and became a Easy listening family station called; KESY: The Easy!

Mike’s daughter: Please tell me that you also changed your names and the name of the show and adapted successfully to the new station’s format?

Mike Check: Well actually, perhaps we could have…but we were fired so I never found out.

Mike’s daughter: Which is exactly what’s going to happen here! Forget it, “I Hope That Something Better Comes Along” instead of having to do this anymore?

Mike Check: Hmmm, what you just said reminds me of a song by The Muppets…and speaking of that, this may be a clue of the type of show we’ll become starting from April 1. So here’s Kermit and Rowlf, here on THE MACKER! Or should I say: “The NEW Mike Check Show!”

Mike’s daughter: Wait? What?

Creep by Radiohead

Escapade by Janet Jackson

Why Can’t I Be You by The Cure

Edge Of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks

Rocket by Def Leppard

Love Is The Drug by Roxy Music

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