Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives

Now I remember where I met this @realmickfoley feller before!  This goes back to my days over at WTKO, The Knockout in Ithaca, New York.  Now plenty of people remember me back when I was Bob Ali and my partner was Cassius Weave and we did the “Bob and Weave Morning Show” and it really played well in our market.  In fact didn’t RJ and Brad used one of my episodes awhile back?

Back to the story.  With the money I made back doing the “Bob and Weave Morning Show” I was able to get a beautiful house in Long Island, New York.  Sure it was a few hours away from Ithaca and my feller co-workers over at WTKO made fun of me on how it would take me over 3 hours to travel from Long Island To Ithaca but I loved the drive heading to work and back.  In fact at times I like to ride the train to work where at one time I got an idea to start a radio station on a train but that’s another story for another time.

Now my home at Long Island was beautiful save for one irksome paperboy who always kept throwing my newspapers at my house and kept breaking my windows.  Those windows are expensive to replace and it kept annoying me that after he broke my window that little menace kept saying “Have A Nice Day!”  No I will not have a nice day thank you very much!  I tried to call the newspaper company to see who this kid was that kept doing this, some feller high up in the company said the kid’s name was “Mickey Groley” or “Rickey Foley” or something that sounded like that.

If this Mick Foley feller was that newspaper boy he owes me a lot of money for breaking my windows at my former Long Island home.  By the way here’s another one of Mick Foley’s Christmas music requests which is “Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives and go see his Christmas Movie “I Am Santa Claus” which if you hear the entertainment rumors right, you might get to see ole Mike Check in it.

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