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Lightning Strikes by Klaus Nomi

Chim Chim Cher-ee by Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews

Wild Wild West by Kool Moe Dee

Lunch Lady Land by Adam Sandler

Food, Glorious Food by The Cast Of Oliver!

Lick It Up by Kiss

*Phone rings*

Mike Check: (*picks up phone*) Hello, KMCR. Mike speaking?

Dixie Carter: Why hello there sugah (*lick, lick, lick*). I’m so glad that you played a song that I was apart of yesterday (*lick, lick, lick*).

Mike Check: Ah? No, I believe I played something by Cheech and Chong?

Dixie: Oh my yes, but I was apart of the song at about the (*lick, lick, lick*) 1.54 minute mark, there sugah.

Mike Check: Are you sure? Or judging by that noise you’re makin’, you might be smoking that Mary Jane stuff like those Cheech and Chong fellers?

Dixie: Oh my, no. (*lick, lick, lick*) I’m currently eating my favorite Ice Cream flavor there sugah. (*lick, lick, lick*)

Mike Check: So what ice cream flavor is your favorite? I hope you have a preference for ole Mike’s large cone, full of my creamy sugar, if you get my meaning there?

Dixie: Oh my, you’re makin’ me blush (*lick, slurp, lick, slurp*). No, I like chocolate and vanilla and mocha but, ooh my favorite is licorice, but I also like pistachio, and strawberry and raspberry and boysenberry and berry berry (*lick, slurp, lick, slurp*)…excuse me sugah, I can’t eat and talk at the same time, bye now…(*dial tone*)

Mike Check: Fascinating? Well, it seems when it comes to ice cream, that filly sure likes to “Lick it Up”, here on…THE MACKER!

Bloat On by Cheech And Chong

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