Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra

(*knock on the door*)

Mike Check: Darlin’. Go get that will yah? I’m in the middle of drinking my whis…I mean making the playlist for tomorrow.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Yeah sure, no problem. I was just in the middle of making lunch and all. No problem!

(*opens door*)

???: Is there a guy by the name of Mike Check living there?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Uh…DAD! You need to get to the front door now!

Mike Check: God-farn it woman! Here I am trying to do something important and…Well who the heck are you?

???: Who am I? I’m Mick Foley!

Mike Check: Foley? Wait, ain’t you..? Well gimme my god-darn money for breaking my windows!!

Mike Check’s Daughter: DAD! *whispers* That’s Mick Foley. The Wrestler. He’s the guy that survived that fall from the top of the cage. If he can survive that then he can kick your ass.

Mike Check (*to Daughter*): Ole Mike’s survived worse. (*pokes Mick Foley*) Now where’s my money for the windows that you broke feller?!

Mick Foley: That’s why I’m here. I’m doing a one man show tonight right here in SACRAMENTO!

Mike Check: I’m not sure I understand that particular reference there?

Mick Foley: That was a “cheap plug”…I guess you’ve never seen…well anyway, I wanted to make it up to you. I have two free backstage passes to my show and even “borrowed” a couple for J.R.’s show on the 28th. Are you interested?

Mike Check: Well, I’d prefer cash there but that’s awful nice of you Rick, sorry for poking you there…

Mike’s Daughter: But dad! You’re not allowed to leave the house, remember.

Mike Check: (*to Daughter*) Hush darlin’. (*turns to back Foley but he’s now gone*) Huh?…

Mick Foley: (*speeds away in car*) Have a nice day! BANG BANG!

Mike Check: God-farn it! That cheap…now what am I gonna do with these tickets? (*turns to his daughter*) And where are you going there?

Mike’s Daughter: You might be still under house arrest but I’m not. Bye Dad.

Mike Check: But but but…

Mike’s Daughter: Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you. Mick just gave me an idea for a special surprise for next week 😉 .

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