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Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass

The Mike Check Show’s “2 Years of Whackin’ Month” has come to a close. But don’t despair. We will be back tomorrow at the same time, same channel, with more of your classics.

And this next song is going out to my ole pal RJ. I’m gonna take you fellers back to where it all began and re-play The Mike Check Show’s very first song: It’s “Brandy by Looking Glass” here on “The Whacker”!

Now if you’ll excuse me, Ole “60 Minute Man” Mike has some “celebrating” to do 😉


The Show Must Go On by Three Dog Night

Hello fellers! The Mike Check Show’s “2 Years of Whackin’ Month” has one day left to go and let’s just say this month has been…”Fascinating”. But just as the title of the next song by Three Dog Night says: “The (Mike Check) Show must go on” here on The Whacker!

Star Wars Theme by Meco

This is a disco version of the theme from a film that was released back in the 70’s called: “Star Wars”. So I’m not sure if you younger fellers have even heard of that particular movie?


Take The Money And Run by Steve Miller Band

Island Girl by Elton John

You know fellers, I heard a rumor recently that Elton John is of the “gay persuasion”, if you will. I don’t believe that for a second. With his money and fame, I bet Elton’s gone through more “Island girls” than even ole Mike…and I’ve had my fair share let me tell you. Next they’ll tell me that Liberace was also of that persuasion…I don’t see it?

It’s A Long Way There by Little River Band

Black Magic Woman by Santana

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