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Strokin’ by Clarence Carter

Mike Check: Weeelll there fellers! I hope you enjoyed “Love on The Ropes…Dance Break” Month. But it’s not over yet as ole Mike’s going to play a tune by Clarence Carter called “Strokin'”. This song reminds me of the years I worked those many…many…many…many radio markets around the country when I would Stroke it to the East, Stroke it to the West, Stroke it to the North, Stroke it to the South…oh those pretty fillies would love it when ole Mike would be “Strokin”—

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Gross! Stop it! No one want to hear about would you do to yourself!

Mike Check: Do to myself? I’m not sure I understand that particular reference there darlin’?

Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six

(*Mike quickly switches the video to a porno DVD*)

Mike’s Daughter (*walks in the room*) Dad! What are you watching?!

Mike Check: Weelll? Uh….okay, I confess. When you walked in the room, you catching me watching this tape is easier to explain than that bizarre “Danger! High Voltage” video.

Mike’s Daughter: Oh? Well I guess that would explain it? But we can’t be doing things that could get us into trouble anymore, like what always seems to happen this time of year. So…(*glances on the screen and sees a woman that looks like herself enter a bedroom*) AAGHHH! TURN IT OFF! (*runs over, ejects DVD and snaps it in half**).

Mike Check: Whats wrong there darlin?

Mike’s Daughter: Nothing dad. I didn’t want you to see m…I mean…I hated doing…I mean…I hated watching that…You haven’t watched this before, have you?

Mike Check: No. It was just some old movie that was just in the mailbox today called, “1 Night In the Oval Orifice”, starring Peter North as Ronald Hump and some unnamed filly as Rainy Fannyiels so?

Mike’s Daughter: Damn! How did this get leaked?!

Mike Check: What are you talking about?

Mike’s Daughter: Nothing…we’re doomed.

This Is Your Night by Amber

Raspberry Beret by Prince and The Revolution

Doctor Jones by Aqua

Get Into The Groove by Madonna

Digital Love by Daft Punk

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