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Mexicali Rose by Gene Autry

Here’s one last song dedicated to my “Mexicali Rosa; Thunder Rosa, here on “Love on The Ropes” month!

*phone rings*

Mike Check: Hello, KMCR. Mike Speaking?

*Deep voice on the phone*: EYYYYEEEEEE?!?!?!? (*phone hangs up*)

Mike’s Daughter: Who was that?

Mike Check: I’m not sure? Possibly just a bad line there darlin’?

Thunder and Lightning by Chi Coltrane

Mike Check: Weeelll. Here’s another song dedicated to that pretty Thunder Rosa from ole Mike Check. I hope for the day when she brings the “Thunder”, I’ll bring her the “lightning”, here on “Love On The Ropes Month”!

Mike’s Daughter: Not gonna happen dad.

Kiss From A Rose by Seal

Well fellers. Ole Mike will like to make a request. Since “Rosa” is Spanish for “Rose”. Ole Mike wouldn’t mind “A Kiss From a Rose” aka that pretty filly “Thunder Rosa”, for “Love on The Ropes Month”!

Thunder In My Heart by Leo Sayer

Mike Check: Weelll Fellers! “Love on The Ropes” month is almost over, but not quite yet, because I want to dedicate a few songs to my new favorite rasslin’ filly—

Mike’s Daughter: Really dad? Who is it this time? I remember when you had a crush on Taryn Terrell and Taylor Wilde…and then there was Rosemary, but I’m not sure if that was part of “Canon”?

Mike Check: Well, I’ve been watching that NWA TNA show on the You Tube—

Mike’s Daughter: Wait. Did you mean “NWA TNA” as in what’s currently “Impact Wrestling” or “NWA Power”?

Mike Check: I’m confused? I know I used to be the correspondent to one of those particular progrems?

Mike’s Daughter: It’s a long story, but since it was on YouTube, I’m assuming you’re talking about NWA Power?

Mike Check: Oh…anyway. Ole Mike has fallen in love with this exotic Mexican filly known as Thunder Rosa.

Mike’s Daughter: Really? I thought you’d be more of a Kamille guy?

Mike Check: What’s Bill Cosby’s wife have to do with anything?

Mike’s Daughter: No. I meant…never mind, go on.

Mike Check: Well. I wanted to dedicate a few songs to her, and I hope she’s listening, because she puts a “Thunder In My Heart”, here on…THE MACKER!

Love Rollercoaster by Ohio Players

Lovesong by The Cure

Tell It To My Heart by Taylor Dayne

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