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Through Darkness Light by Hootenanny Singers

Mike Check: Well that was “Through Darkness Light” by Hootenanny Singers, on…THE MACKER! And speaking of “Hootenanny”, tomorrow begins another annual edition of The Mike Check Show’s “Halloween Hootenanny”–

Mike Check: Wait?! What in sam hill was that?!

Mike’s Daughter: Sorry. I was just watching a bit of South park before today’s song and accidentally unpaused it while you were talking.

Mike Check: Thank the Lord for that. Weell, for a second there I thought that Sam…STAN…or whatshisname was back?

One Man Band by Leo Sayer

Mike Check (*frightened*): Ahhhh! Why are we playing a song by that darn “IT” clown?!

Mike’s Daughter: Well someone’s requested this, so we had to? And it’s nothing to do with the movie “IT”. It’s Leo Sayer singing this. I thought an “experienced” DJ like you would have known that?

Mike Check: I knew that. I was just testing you.

Mike’s Daughter: Right? So you’re saying that you knew “that”, but not “IT”?

Mike Check: I…I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there darlin’?

Lonesome Loser by Little River Band

Weeelll fellers! As you probably have noticed, I have been sent some anonymous requests lately to play songs with a theme of being “lonesome/alone” and they’ve been dedicated to some feller called “Virgil”? I don’t know who that is? But he sounds like some “Lonesome Loser” here on…THE MACKER!

Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol

Solitaire by Laura Branigan

Alone Again by Gilbert O’Sullivan

Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds

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