Monthly Archives: May 2014

Boys Boys Boys by Sabrina

I hope I don’t get into trouble for playing this fellers. My Lawyers have warned me that the music clip of this song may not fit for the “family friendly” Mike Check Show. I don’t understand why because this was played constantly on children’s TV over in Italy. Anyway, I’d love to tell you fellers about the time working overseas in the Genoa Italian market, but that night that I spent with Italian singer Sabrina Salerno was also not very “family friendly”, let me tell you…plus ole Mike seems to all of a sudden have some nipples…err I mean…private business to attend to here on The Whacker…I mean The Macker!

Hocus Pocus by Focus

Anarchy In The UK by Sex Pistols

My Old Man’s A Dustman by Lonnie Donegan

It Takes Me Higher by Ganymed

Lumberjack Song by Monty Python

Dominique by The Singing Nun

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