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REALxEYEZ BY J x Takanori Nishikawa

*Phone rings*

Mike Check (picks up the phone): KMCR Radio?

Raging_Demons: Hey Mike its me.

Mike Check: Jack Tripper? Oh how I love you were with Chrissy and Janet. Personally I love Janet but you get a feel that Chrissy is a–

Raging_Demons: Its me! Your Boss!

Mike Check’s Daughter: Who is it Dad?

Mike Check: It’s Raggy David, Darlin’

Mike Check’s Daughter: He’s caling us again?!

Raging_Demons: I’m calling in to check up on you two since the “Halloween Hootenanny” is tomorrow and you and your daughter have been broadcasting some weird stuff the past couple of years. Like that weird curse autobiography thingy and Su Yung wanting to kill you.

Mike Check: We’re okay there feller. Nothing is going to hurt us. We’re fine.

Raging_Demons: Well you should be fine Mike since no one is going to come near your house when COVID is around. So I just *phone connection is breaking*

Mike Check: What did you say? Speak up!

Raging_Demons (phone connection): *incoherent voice on the phone* I *connecion breaking up* Real *connection breaking up* Eyes* *disconnected tone*

Mike Check: Huh? Phone got disconnected?

*notification from Mike Check’s Daughter’s phone*

Mike Check’s Daughter (checking phone): Huh. Its some e-mail that Raging_Demons sent. He’s trolling us! Look at what he sent!

Mike Check: Fascinating?

Do You Care? by Bob Crosby

Just Another Day in Paradise by Bertie Higgins

Faust by Gorillaz

Look Around by Thunderclap Newman

There’s A Hurricane Tonight by Joyce Leigh Bowden

Take A Ride by Don Felder

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