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Gabrielle by Hootenanny Singers

Mike Check: Tomorrow “Halloween Hootenanny” is coming and that means–

*phone rings*

Mike Check: KMCR Radio.

???: Mike. Is your daughter around? We need to talk.

Mike Check: Darlin’ some guy wants to talk to you. Maybe its a feller that wants to court you?

Raging_Demons: Its me Raging_Demons you idiot. And put me on the speaker phone please?

Mike Check: Darlin’ can you put this on the speaker thingy please? Raggy David wants to talk to us.

Mike’s Daughter: Aw crap. *puts the phone on speaker phone* What do you want now dweeb?

Raging_Demons: There we go. Now the last time we talked I did say that if you two got in trouble again there will be consequences right?

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah so?

Raging_Demons: Mike. Who does the accounting for “KMCR”?

Mike Check: Well that would be my daughter here. She has a things for numbers that ole Mike Check doesn’t have. In fact I remember this one time–

Raging_Demons: We figured that.

Mike’s Daughter: Well I should be going now–

Raging_Demons: Oh stay right there since it involves you. After that whole “This Is Your Life” debacle that you two made. Premier Blah, that’s RVM Kai’s and my boss, decided to have his ace accounting staff go through your books and they found something quite peculiar.

Mike’s Daughter: Oh look! My muffins are burning! I gotta go take care of them!

Raging_Demons: Stay put or else you won’t hear the–as Mike Check would say–the FASCINATING News. Of course we expected certain charges from you Mike since you are the star and all but we found some other charges. Charges for unexpected things like lube, purses, clothes, plastic surgery visits, and among other charges.

Mike’s Daughter: Where does the time go? Gotta go to work!

Raging_Demons: As I was saying. It looks like the other charges came from someone else. Mike, your daughter is in very big trouble. She was embezzling funds from us Mike. We could have her arrested but Premier Blah has something else in mind.

Mike’s Daughter: Something else…in mind? Because if you want “some”…

Raging_Demons: Oh no not that. We know you basically a walking STD so he’s not even considering that. Tomorrow’s is your special “Halloween Hootenanny” right Mike?

Mike Check: I was just about to promote that right now with “Gabrielle” by the Hootenanny Singers there feller.

Raging_Demons: Well tomorrow we’ll be sending you something quite special. In fact it’ll play a special part to the “Halloween Hootenanny.” I warned you all. *click*

Mike’s Daughter: Aw sh–

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