Monthly Archives: February 2014

Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinèad O’Connor

You Make My Dreams Come True by Daryl Hall and John Oates

I’m Telling You Now by Freddie and The Dreamers

Touch Me by Samantha Fox

Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry

I Am Very Happy Because I Am Finally Back Home by Eduard Khil

Well I see that my daughter is still being what you kids call a “troll” by having me accidentally play this today. This all just because I didn’t realize that the Cold War was over? I mean who knew? But…I kind of like this song…even though I don’t understand any of the words?

Cara Mia by Jay and The Americans

Sorry fellers. Today’s song was not in fact the correct version of “Cara Mia” that was intended. I guess my daughter played what the kids these days call a “prank” on ole Mike & swapped my “Jay & The Americans” record with this Russian one. Anyway, what she doesn’t realize is that I have a 2nd copy which I’m gonna play as a bonus for you fellers now, so the joke’s on her…kind of?

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