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Steal My Sunshine by Len

High School Nights by Dave Edmunds

Mike Check: Well fellers! About a week ago I thought I’d call the Greenhorns over at WWCR: The Whacker! On there I started talking about the time…did I ever tell you fellers about the time I worked the Molin, Illinois market on WLAF: “The Big Chuckle”? I worked there, on the afternoon shift, as Ned Nursenky with some feller who called himself Dr. Demento…I’m not sure if you fellers have ever heard of him? Anyway, our show was called “Heading Home with Dr. and the Nurse. Apparently, I was the “Nurse”…Nurse Ned Nursenky. But that being said, like Mike’s nursing credentials, I’m pretty sure Dr Demento wasn’t an accredited physician of any sort? Unfortunately, that particular progrem didn’t last long—

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! What does this have to do with the song that we’re about to play?

Mike Check: Nothin’? But—

Mike’s Daughter: Then get on with it! We’ve heard this long winded and pointless Dr. Demento story already!

Mike Check: Fine. Well anyway. I was calling RJ and Brad to prove the accusations of ole Mike Check being “behind the times”, false. So today I’m gonna play something from a new movie that’s comin’ out very…very…very…very…soon at the theater called, “Porkys Revenge”. And here’s a hot new song, that you youngins at high school will enjoy, by a young cat called Dave Edmunds. It’s “High School Nights”, here on…THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: *sigh*


Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield ft. Maggie Reilly

Dancing In The Moonlight by King Harvest

Moondance by Van Morrison

Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens

Walking On The Moon by The Police

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