634-5789 by Wilson Pickett


Rock And Roll All Nite by KISS

(*knock at the door*)

Mike Check: (*opens front door*) Hello?

Gene Simmons: Hello. This is Gene Simmons from KISS here with Paul Stanley—

Paul Stanley: Ooowwwwhhhh!

Gene Simmons: And we’ve come on your show, The Mike Check Show, to announce that not only are we the greatest rock n’ Roll band in the history of the planet Earth. We are also now officially Wrestlecrap Radio’s longest reigning TNA Correspondents.

Mike Check: Hey fellers? I thought that I was the longest TNA correspondent?

Paul Stanley (*shakes head*): Ooouwwwhhhh!

Gene Simmons: Paul’s right, you’re incorrect Mike. Because as of today, January 15, 2018, Paul and I have broke the previous record holder: The HonkyTonk Mailman’s record of 526 days and we only needed to make one appearance to do so. And unlike today’s state of Rock music, we will never die as our TNA Correspondent reign will live on forever.

Mike Check: But how will your reign live on forever, everyone will have to hear the bell toll eventually?

Gene Simmons: Not exactly Mike. Just like KISS will keep living on with out Paul and I, we will just have a couple of guys to replace us, as us.

Mike Check: Huh…?

Gene Simmons: And not only that, since RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton have neglected to do so, I am currently in the process of having the words “TNA Correspondent” trademarked. Just like I already have the “devil horns” gesture trademarked along with the word “shoes”.

Mike Check: “Shoes”?

Gene Simmons: It’s a long story.

Mike Check: Well I guess this means congratulations there fellers? And to celebrate this milestone, we will…”Rock And Roll All Nite” and Party everyday, here on…THE MACKER!

Gene Simmons: I guess we’ll be leaving now–

Paul Stanley (*nervously sees someone running up behind him*): Ooowwwwhhhh!

Gene Simmons: What’s that Paul?

(*Before they realize who it is, The HonkyTonk Mailman arrives and clocks Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley with a guitar-shaped mailbag from behind*)

The HonkyTonk Mailman: And that was a special express delivery for you fellers courtesy from The HonkyTonk Mailman! Thank Ya very much! Now hit my music Mike!

Mike Check: Fascinating.

Run Runaway by Slade

White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) by Grandmaster Melle Mel

Count Every Star by The Ravens

Whenever I Call You Friend by Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks

I Want You by Savage Garden

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