The Bunny Hop by Ray Anthony

Mike Check: It’s Easter today there youngins’ and what a better way to celebrate the Easter Bunny bringing ya’ll them there chocolate eggs, is by inviting “The Bunny” herself; our TNA guest Audrey to do the “Bunny Hop” here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

Mike’s Daughter Uh? “Allie” isn’t coming since she’s still kinda possessed by Su Yung’s demonic spell…(*screams*): Who’s that? (*points at front window*)

Mike Check: What’s…Who the heck are you there?

Theme: Glasgow Cross by CFO$

Nikki Cross (*climbs into Mike’s house through the open window*): Nikki wants to play. Do ya want to play with Nikki, Mike? The word of the day is “play”.

Mike Check: Look there? You maybe just a filly, but you’re scaring ole Mike right now.

Nikki Cross: Nikki doesn’t want to scare Mike, Nikki wants to play with Mike and do the “Bunny Hop”.

Mike’s Daughter: Huh? You want to dance “The Bunny Hop” with my dad?

Nikki Cross: Yes, Nikki will get great joy on Easter.

Mike’s Daughter: You do realize that my dad is a frail old man. I’m not sure if he could even…?

Mike Check: Darlin’, Mike Check was once “Bunny Hop” Champion as a youngin’, so I think I could still pull this off there darlin’?

Nikki Cross: Yes. Nikki gets to play with Mike. Mike and Nikki can do the Bunny Hop now?

Mike’s daughter: No dad! Don’t! Besides, you’re still recovering from Bayley elbow dropping you repeatedly the other day?

Mike Check: Don’t worry there darlin’, ole Mike’s been doin’ a lot of stretching to prepare for this. (*Mike starts doing the Bunny hop with Nikki*) Ow! My back!

Nikki Cross: Oh no, Naughty Nikki. Mike’s hurt (*slaps herself on the head and runs away*).

Mike’s daughter: I told you, dad. (*sigh*) Happy Easter, kids.


Water Is Wet / I like You / It’s Nice to be Nice / The Kitty Song by “Weird” Al Yankovic

Mike’s Daughter: Hi Kids, while my dad is recovering from…being elbow dropped several times by Bayley, I’m too lazy to come up with a word or song for today myself, so here’s our friend Fred Huggins from “The Weird Al Show” to entertain you for the next 5 and a half minutes:

Mike’s Daughter: Fred? Fred? I think Fred just die…I mean…he’s alright kids. Mr Huggins is alright and just has a slight boo boo on his legs, arms, back and head, and probably will be soon riding in a nice, comfortable chair with wheels?

…why did I show this???

Hugging Song by Tony Brigmon

Mike’s Daughter: We have a huge treat today on The NEW Mike Check Show! Well when our next special guest found out that we were now entertaining you kids, she couldn’t wait to co-host with us, so here’s…current WWE Superstar: Bayley!

Theme: “Turn It Up” by CFO$

Mike Check: Whoa! Where did those used car sales men balloons come from?

Bayley: Oh, Hi Mike they’re part of my entrance. And oh, hi kids, I’m Bayley, nice to meet you all.

Mike Check: Fascinating. So what word of the day did a pretty young filly such as yourself bring with you?

Bayley: Well since I’m known to be a “hugger”, my word is “hugging”. Whenever I greet my family and friends I always love to give a nice warm hug. My bestie Sasha banks and I always hug each other after winning our tag team matches in WWE.

Mike’s Daughter: How about after losing?

Bayley: Huh?

Mike Check: Ooohhhhh, I bet you and Tasha love hugging? There’s nothing that gives ole Mike a warm fuzzy feeling inside than seeing two pretty fillies hug.

Bayley: Ah? Okay Mike? But the way you said that is making me little uncomfortable.

Mike Check: Uh? no. I didn’t mean anything rude by it, of course…why don’t you hug my daughter and demonstrate to the kids what a hug looks like?

Bayley: Okay (*tries to hug Mike’s Daughter but can’t, for “two” obvious reasons, seem to get her arms around her*)

Mike’s Daughter: Thanks Bayley, nice try, I guess. So that’s it for today—

Mike Check: How about a hug for ole Mike there?

Mike’s Daughter: Uh? Dad, don’t worry about it.

Bayley: Why I’d love to (*Bayley hugs Mike, but Mike won’t let go and gets a bit grabby*) Ah, Mike? I think that’s too much hugging?

Mike Check: I don’t think there’s ever too much huggi—

(*Bayley grabs Mike tighter into a bear hug and drops Mike with the Bayley-to-Belly suplex. She then gets up and gives Mike multiple elbows drops*)

Mike’s Daughter: Uh? That might be too many elbow drops Bayley?

Bayley: There’s never too many elbow drops! (*gives Mike another elbow drop*)

Mike’s Daughter: Well while Bayley and my dad are playing wrestling, why don’t we go to a song, here on The NEW Mike Check Show.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me by The Mamas And The Papas

Mike’s Daughter: *Yawn*

Mike Check: Are you tired there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes dad. I’m feeling a little sleepy. And you know, kids, what we do after we go to sleep?

Mike Check: Dream?

Mike Daughter: Yes dad, that’s right. And Dream is our word for today. It’s the nice little pictures in your mind after you drift off. So why don’t you kids close your eyes, go to sleep, and have a nice dream so my dad and I can have a longer coffee break today?

Mike Check: Coffee? I hope it’s not one of your brews darlin’, because that’ll give ole Mike “bad dreams”. But anyway, I know the perfect old song for the youngin’s to have some nice dreams to?

Mike Daughter: It better not be RD and Blade’s “Dream analysis” music? because that type of segment may not be appropriate?

Mike Check: No. It’s “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” by The Mamas And The Papas, here on THE—

Mike Daughter: Shhh Dad. Speak quieter.

Mike Check (*whispers*): Oh, The NEW Mike Check Show.

Mike Check: Are you youngin’s asleep yet?

Mike’s daughter: Maybe not? I’m still awake dad?…Oh? I have the perfect thing to watch when I’m having trouble sleeping?

Mike Check: What’s that there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter: This man:

(*Mike’s Daughter dozes off*)

Mike Check: Darlin’, wake up.

Mike’s Daughter (*in dream state*): No! No! Not another boring Corbin match…(*wakes up*) Huh? What? I just had a “nightmare”? What was I saying?…Oh, on second thought, you kids better stick to the song my dad played instead.

What’s Up? / For Little Jimmy by Ron “R-Truth” Killings

Mike’s Daughter: Hi kids. We have invited another special guest for today…and hopefully this one actually shows up? Uh, anyway today’s guest is another WWE Superstar who has only just visited us recently with his friend Carmella. But now he has returned on his own to rap for us. So let’s hear it for: R-Truth!

R-Truth: Mike Check Show! What’s Up!…(*waits for response*)…really? nothin’?

Mike Check: We don’t have a live studio audience here A-Tooth?

R-Truth: Oh? My bad. But Mike, my name is R-Truth; first name “R”, last name “Truth”.

Mike Check: Well. Excuse me there feller—

R-Truth: Wait, hold on. You just called me feller again? Are you sure you’re not related to Sheamus?

Mike Check: Who’s this Sheamus feller?

R-Truth: Y’all should know him? He’s a tall Irish guy, and his skin is white as a ghost.

Mike Check: Oh, you’re referring to that feller who gives us Halloween tips every year?

R-Truth: Halloween Tips? Sheamus never gave me no Halloween Tips?

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t think we’re all talking about the same person…but oh, where’s your mixed tag-team partner Carmella?

R-Truth: Oh, she didn’t want to come after Mike called her a horse last time. And she also said; don’t do any dance breaks on there, either…(*shakes head*) What where you thinking, dawg?

Mike Check: I didn’t in fact call her a horse, I said—

Mike’s daughter: Guys. Can we talk about what our word of the day is?

R-Truth: Oh yes, because there are a lot of Little Jimmys watching us right now, our word for the day is “Little Jimmy”.

Mike’s daughter: Well actually that’s two words, but who’s counting?

Mike Check: And I’m also not sure I understand that reference there feller?

R-Truth: Oh? You don’t see him? Little Jimmy’s right here next to me?

Mike’s daughter: Truth? There’s no one standing next to you?

R-Truth: That’s because, Mike’s daughter, you can’t see him, because you don’t believe in Little Jimmy. Just like you don’t believe in the Boogeyman, but the Boogeyman is real.

Mike Check: That’s a good point there feller, however, ole Mike doesn’t see Little Jerry either?

R-Truth: That’s because he’s Little Jimmy, not Little Jerry?

Mike’s Daughter: Okay. Okay. This conversation is going nowhere, so why don’t you do another rap for us Truth, how about something to do with “Little Jimmy”?

R-Truth: Okay, this right here is “For Little Jimmy” here on The Mike Check Show!

Waitin’ For The Postman by Syreeta

Mike’s Daughter: Mike’s Daughter: Hi kids, we have some awesome news because we have a special guest for The NEW Mike Check Show today and we will be inviting many more to share their word of the day with my dad and myself. (*under her breath*) Well any word by anyone else will be better than anything that my dad has come up with*…Uh, anyway, today’s guest is a special one because he does a special job. Can you tell our listeners what that job is dad?

Mike Check: Well youngins, today’s guest works for the U.S. Postal Service as a mailman. Do you youngin’s know what a mailman does? (*pauses*) He delivers letters and parcels to your home.

Mike’s Daughter: That’s right dad. It’s like sending an email or text message on your parents cell phone, except the messages are written on a piece of paper and an actual person carries it to your mailbox. I like to call it “snail mail”, because the time it takes to receive the letter from your friend feels like it’s as slow as a snail travels.

Mike Check: “Snail Mail”? In my day, it was just called “mail”. These youngin’s today all want everything on the spot, let me tell you, with their thingambob telephones with them there Celeron chips in them. Actually when ole Mike was a little youngin myself, my daddy couldn’t even afford postage stamps, so he would shoot down pigeons with a tranquilizer gun and, when they woke up, he’d use them to send out our telegrams.

Mike’s Daughter: That’s really “fascinating” dad…not really…But I think I hear our guest just arriving outside in his pink Cadillac? Kids, it’s The USPS’s 2019 Hall of Famer: The Honkytonk Mailman!

(*No one shows up*)

Mike’s Daughter: Maybe he’s running late? Okay, here’s The Honkytonk Mailman!

(*still no one shows up*)

Mike’s Daughter: It seems that Honkytonk Mailman maybe busy today? I think our word for today is “no-show”.

Mike Check: Well while we’re “Waitin’ For The Postman”, here’s Syreeta with a song here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

Bird’s The Word by The Rivingtons / Surfin’ Bird by The Trashmen

Mike’s daughter: Hi Kids, I hope you didn’t find yesterday’s song annoying as I did? Hopefully today we will have a new “word” of the day? Maybe I’ll find on one of the news sites on my computer?

Mike Check: Well darlin’. So are you lookin’ for a word for today on your computer there?

Mike’s daughter: That’s what I just said, dad.

Mike Check (*looks at screen*): Hmmm, that’s peculiar? I’m lookin’ at the news headlines and I see an absence of a mass awareness of a certain avian variety there?

Mike’s daughter: What the hel…I mean…what do you mean dad?

Mike Check: Oh have you not heard? Ole Mike understood the particular reference that everyone had heard? That the “Bird’s The Word”?

Mike’s daughter: Oh no! Don’t!

Mike’s daughter: Oh? Well I guess The Rivingtons’ original version is a little less annoying than the Trashmen’s cover, but can we stop with the repetition?

Mike Check: But the youngin’s love repetition. You used to watch all the same reruns as a youngin’ yourself.

Mike’s daughter: Yes but I think the kiddies, like me, are tired of listening to hearing about that certian “word”?

Mike Check: You mean this one?

Mike’s daughter: Aaaaghhh! (*takes out CD and starts smashing it with a baseball bat*)

Mike Check: What are you doin’ there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter: The word for today is “smash”! (*continues to smash CD*)

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