Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer by Elmo and Patsy

Merry Christmas In The NFL by Willis The Guard & Vigorish

Winter Wonderland by Stryper

It’s Christmas, C’est Noel by Jordy Lemoine

Mike Check: Weelll Fellers! It’s “Christmas Carousal” right here in The Mike Check Show! And to things start off, here’s a four year old French tyke singing a Christmas hit from the film; “Look Who’s Talking Now”. But I wonder if this little feller is really singing or if they’re using voice overs like in that film…what’s it called?

Mike’s Daughter: You just said it: “Look Who’s Talking”.

Mike Check: Yes, I am talking. But what’s the name of the film?

Mike’s Daughter: Look…(*sigh*)…never mind.

Mike Check: Yes, never mind that right now because “It’s Christmas” here on…THE MACKER!

My Little Angel by William Shakespeare

Mike Check: Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for another edition of Mike Check’s “Christmas Carousal”. But before that, here’s something from the old English playwright William Shakespeare.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad. This is not “Shakespeare”…well not technically. This was sort of like Australia’s version of Gary Glitter who happened to go under the name William Shakespeare for some reason?

Mike Check: Oh. Weeeelll. Thank ya there for that correction, that’s why you’re my smart little Angel.

Mike’s Daughter: Really? About a month ago you were saying that, as a woman, I didn’t have “the mental smarts”?

Mike Check: No, I don’t remember saying such a thing there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: But…(*sigh*) whatever.

Sing by The Carpenters

Shooting Star by Bad Company

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