Sweep The Leg by No More Kings

Well fellers, Yesterday’s song by 2018 Rock n Roll Hall Of Famer’s “The Moody Blues” has reminded R.P.M Khan of the film “The Karate Kid” and now he want to hear a few rarities from the soundtrack as well as from a new show on the You Tube called “Cobra Kai”. So for the rest of the month, let’s hope that the fellers from wrestlecrapradio.com won’t “Sweep” ole Mike’s “Leg” on…THE MACKER!


Rock ‘N’ Roll Over You by The Moody Blues

I’m Not The One by The Cars

Didn’t It Rain by Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Money For Nothing by Dire Straits

*phone ringing*

Mike Check: KMCR radio?

Raging_Demons: Mike I need you and your daughter here for a phone conference.

Mike Check: Darlin’! Raggy David wants you on the phone!

Mike’s Daughter (yelling from her room): What the Hell Does That Douchebag Want?!

Mike Check: What do you want there?

Raging_Demons: Its about a recent announcement that RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton made and it involves you two.

Mike Check: RJ & Brad announced that I’m working again for WWCR!

Mike’s Daughter (comes running down the stairs and hits the phone speaker): I interrupted my time with a “man on a boat” for doing this but are RD & Blade going to re-hire my Dad?!

Mike Check: I’m not sure I understand that–

Raging_Demons: What?! No! They are not– The reason why I’m calling is that Eric Bischoff publicly said in an interview that Deal, who wrote the book “Death of WCW“, with Bryan Alvarez, as a “clown” & claims their book as “horsecrap”. So Deal is going to respond to that by showing up at “Starrcast” event at “All In”.

Mike Check: All In?

Mike’s Daughter: “All In” is this super independent pro wrestling event promoted by Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks. Which is great for RD but why does this involve us?

Raging_Demons: The condition for Deal appearing on “Starrcast” is that they will also have a “Wrestlecrap Radio” podcast there as well.

Mike Check: So they want ole’ Mike Check to do a live remote for WWCR after I did one on Mars eh?

Raging_Demons: Not exactly. We at wrestlecrapradio.com don’t exactly do Money For Nothing. We’re making preparations now just in case Deal & Blade wants any of you which means I have to work with the California Department Boards on Corrections & the Department of Probation so I can get Mike over to Cleveland, Ohio.

Mike’s Daughter: So what your telling me is that my Dad, Mike Check is “All In”?

Raging_Demons: Maybe?

Mike’s Daughter: Maybe?!?

Raging_Demons: When they let us know we let you know.

Mike Check: That does not play well in my market there Raggy David I want to know now!

*phone click*

Ain’t Got No, I Got Life by Nina Simone

Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi

Well fellers, since R.P.M Khan’s Eurovision requests went without a hitch, he now wants to hear something from the artists that were inducted in the 2018 the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame. I don’t know why, but any Hall Of Fame that would induct that hack Ringo Starr ‘twice’ is not a real Hall Of Fame, let me tell you. But anyway, I better play this Bon Jovi song, or else ole Mike will be ‘wanted’ by the fellers at wrestlecrapradio.com “Dead Or Alive” here on…THE MACKER!

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