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The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em) by The Greg Kihn Band

Fellers ole Mike Check here. I know that right now most of you feel heart broken as of late or will be heart broken soon. Ole Mike Check can cure that soon right here on KMCR-The MACKER!

While “The Breakup Song” is playing by the talented Greg Kihn Band I thought I let you know that tomorrow it’ll be February and that means it’ll be “Love On The Ropes” here on KMCR and I can guarantee as what RJ & Brad used to say that “Love On The Ropes Month” will get you “making love to a woman”.

Well they said something else but I can’t say it on the air or I’ll get fined by the FCC. Here on…THE MACKER!


Buzz Buzz Buzz by The Hollywood Flames

Come Josephine In My Flying Machine by Ada Jones and Billy Murray

Keem-O-Sabe by The Electric Indian

Loverboy by Billy Ocean

Pretty Pink Rose by Adrian Belew and David Bowie

Electric Blue by Icehouse

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