Right On Track by The Breakfast Club

Mike Check: Is that my ole radio partner Wink Martindale I see there?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Yeah dad its him. I didn’t know you worked with him?

Mike Check: I said already on Veteran’s Day how Wink was always such a funny guy. The times he kept saying I was scum, the times he always took my parking spots. Heh! Even that one time he said that he’ll kill me if I ever see him again! I tell you darlin’ Wink’s such a funny guy.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Sounds like you used your usual charm on him dad.

Mike Check: Wink always kept me “Right On Track”. And speaking on Right on Track here’s “The Breakfast Club” (wasn’t that a movie) here on…The MACKER!

*Mike Check’s Daughter sighs*


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