Hugging Song by Tony Brigmon

Well fellers! Our 8th Anniversary kid friendly special had many special guest to educate our audience. WWWF superstar “Barley” was one memorable guest who educated ole Mike not to “hug” a filly for too long, let me tell you.

Mike’s Daughter: We have a huge treat today on The NEW Mike Check Show! Well when our next special guest found out that we were now entertaining you kids, she couldn’t wait to co-host with us, so here’s…current WWE Superstar: Bayley!

Mike Check: Whoa! Where did those used car sales men balloons come from?

Bayley: Oh, Hi Mike they’re part of my entrance. And oh, hi kids, I’m Bayley, nice to meet you all.

Mike Check: Fascinating. So what word of the day did a pretty young filly such as yourself bring with you?

Bayley: Well since I’m known to be a “hugger”, my word is “hugging”. Whenever I greet my family and friends I always love to give a nice warm hug. My bestie Sasha banks and I always hug each other after winning our tag team matches in WWE.

Mike’s Daughter: How about after losing?

Bayley: Huh?

Mike Check: Ooohhhhh, I bet you and Tasha love hugging? There’s nothing that gives ole Mike a warm fuzzy feeling inside than seeing two pretty fillies hug.

Bayley: Ah? Okay Mike? But the way you said that is making me little uncomfortable.

Mike Check: Uh? no. I didn’t mean anything rude by it, of course…why don’t you hug my daughter and demonstrate to the kids what a hug looks like?

Bayley: Okay (*tries to hug Mike’s Daughter but can’t, for “two” obvious reasons, seem to get her arms around her*)

Mike’s Daughter: Thanks Bayley, nice try, I guess. So that’s it for today—

Mike Check: How about a hug for ole Mike there?

Mike’s Daughter: Uh? Dad, don’t worry about it.

Bayley: Why I’d love to (*Bayley hugs Mike, but Mike won’t let go and gets a bit grabby*) Ah, Mike? I think that’s too much hugging?

Mike Check: I don’t think there’s ever too much huggi—

(*Bayley grabs Mike tighter into a bear hug and drops Mike with the Bayley-to-Belly suplex. She then gets up and gives Mike multiple elbows drops*)

Mike’s Daughter: Uh? That might be too many elbow drops Bayley?

Bayley: There’s never too many elbow drops! (*gives Mike another elbow drop*)

Mike’s Daughter: Well while Bayley and my dad are playing wrestling, why don’t we go to a song, here on The NEW Mike Check Show.

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