Interstellar Overdrive by Pink Floyd / Slime Creatures from Outer Space by “Weird Al” Yankovic

During another Halloween Hootenanny. My Martian friends returned to Earth to learn about Halloween and “Trick Or Treating”. And who better to learn them from than the ghost of Roddy Rowdy?

Mike Check: Well Roddy Rowdy? We’re all wearing neon because it’s dark outside Mike Check HQ. So what’s your second Halloween Tip for these two Martian fellers?

Ghost of Roddy Piper: Well you see, you’re gonna have to take care of yourself when crossing the street because there’s idiots driving cars! Some of them don’t care! Some of those idiots are gonna run you over!

Checkdar (*doesn’t bother to finish listening to Piper finish his tip as he running across the street avoiding crazy drivers almost running him over*): Whoa! These Earth drivers are crazy! Why must Earthlings insist at traveling at the speed of “Interstellar Overdrive” on their primitive four wheel motor cars?

Ghost of Roddy Piper: That’s why…I’ll give you a bonus tip…look both ways before you cross the damn street!

Jimdar: Useless information! I have a better idea (*Jimdar crosses the road and a speeding car screeches to a halt right in from of him*)

“Idiot In Car”: Hey you freek! Get off the road you jerk!

Jimdar: Are those colorful metaphors you are using? Well Go Kcuf Yourself! (*blows up car with his ray gun*)

Mike’s daughter: Jimdar! You can’t do that sort of thing here!

Jimdar: I succeeded in crossing the road, did I not!? Ha! “Roads”! Such a primitive concept!

Mike Check: …Fascinating.

Mike Check: Well there Martian fellers, that first house you Trick Or Treated at was a disaster, but you seemed to manage to get some candy from some of the other neighbors after we were off the air. So Rowdy, what is your next Halloween tip there feller?

Ghost Of Roddy Piper: Now when ya get all ya candy, whatcha gonna do is ya gonna take ya candy back home before you eat it.

Jimdar: Why consume this desert; you call Candy, at home? Why cannot you consume it here immediately?

Mike’s daughter: Well, it’s a good tip for kids because it has been rumored that there have been some cases where people have poisoned or put Razor blades in—

Checkdar: Aaggghhh!

Mike’s daughter: What’s wrong Checkdar?

Checkdar: Do I have something in my teeth? (*opens mouth and there’s a razor blade wedged in his teeth*)

Mike’s daughter: Uh? Yes? Uh? I think you better see a doctor–

Jimdar: Agggh! What type of Kcufing Earth nincompoop would supply me with this round fruit covered in some red sticky substance! It tastes like some sort of “Slime Creature from Outer Space”?!

Piper: Ya know? That was probably a candy apple with the poison in it? Eh, why don’t ya send it to Vince McMahon, so you can look like Moolah?

Jimdar: Negative, this Earthling excrement containing Earth poison has no shape-shifting effect on me!

Checkdar: And who is this Meek Mahaan?! And why would this candy apple make him appear to shape-shift into a colloquialism for Earth currency?

Mike Check: Yes, I didn’t understand that particular reference there either?

Mike’s Daughter: *sigh* He was talking about…never mind! It was a joke anyway! Geez!

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