Fight To Survive by Stan Bush / Halcyon + On + On by Orbital

Well fellers! Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Our final best moment on The Mike Check Show’s tenth Anniversary special was was ole Mike’s Karate fight with the Question Mark. Who wons this one? Well no one really as it was interrupted by someone who had enough of our little feud:

Angry Jim (*on commentary*): Well, were back on Mike Check’s “9 Years of Whackin”, ladies and gentlemen, as the fight between Mike Check and The Question Mark continues! It seems that Mike is getting frustrated with Question Mark’s stalling! Wait! Now they’re, nose to nose and Mike throws another right punch to the Question Mark! But Mark ducks it and…what is he doing?!…By gawd…Question Mark just threw some kind of white powder in mike checks eyes!? By gawd! And that not cocaine, ladies and gentlemen, I can tell…not from my own experience but…By gawd! Mike Check has been blinded! That **** ***** Question Mark! I had feeling that this wouldn’t be a fair fight!

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Are you alright?!

Mike Check: My eyes! I can’t see a darn thing!

Angry Jim (*on commentary*): Now Question Mark is taking advantage of Mike’s loss of eyesight and is kicking his *** like a wounded mule! I wish somebody could please stop this!

Mike Check (*Mike is knocked to the ground by Question Mark): I’m sorry, I have nothing left.

“Broken” Matt Hardy: No! Meek Check! Remember your lesson in fighting the invisible Abraham Lincoln! If you use your expert senses, you willindeed defeat the Mark of Question!

Mike’s daughter: Yeah, get up! Over the top Dad!…or whatever the proper movie cliche it is to say in this moment!?

Mike Check: Yes, I will “Fight To Survive” (*Mike Check gets back on his feet*)

Angry Jim (*on commentary*): By Gawd! It like a miracle!? Mike is back up! And now he’s ducking several strikes attempted by the Question Mark! Now Mike Check counters by repeatably striking the Question Mark with his rights and lefts! Good gawd almighty! How is he doing this?! I’ve never seen anything like this in my life! The Question Mark is now groggy, and Mike Check gives Question mark a huge round house kick! By gawd! Mark is down! Mark is down! Mark is down! How does a old man who can’t even walk past the door of his own house even manage to do this?! It’s super human?! And it seems that Question Mark is almost out cold! Now, Mike crouches and is about to give Question mark a one inch punch to smash in his **** skull!…but why is Mike hesitating!?

Mike Check: (*to Question mark*) Do you wanna live, or die there feller?

Question Mark: EYYYYEEEEEE?!?!?!?

Mike Check: I’m assuming you said die?…but you’ve wrong. (*Mike unclenches his fist and “boops” Question Mark on the nose*)

Mike’s daughter: You did it dad! But is Question Mark still alive?

Mike Check: Yes, I cannot end another man’s life.

Aron Stevens: Uh…I’m out of here! (*Aron runs away*)

Mike Check: Well I hope when this feller gets up, I can convince him to come to his senses?

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Behind You!

Angry Jim (*on commentary*): By gawd. This fight is not over as The Question Mark is miraculously back up and about to attack Mike Check from behind—

*Female voice in the background*: Stop this! You idiots!

Angry Jim (*on commentary*): By gawd is that…yes it is..It’s Thunder Rosa! What is she doing here on “Mike Check’s 9 Years of Whackin'”?

Thunder Rosa: Mike Check and Question Mark. Stop this fight at once! Are you two stupid or something?!

Question Mark: EYYYYEEEEEE?!?!?!?

Mike Check: He says that he only wanted to fight for your honor, like in that song from “Karate Kid Part 2”?

Question Mark: Kar-ar-taaaayyyy!

Mike Check: Yes of course. But I do agree with her there feller, you are stupid. You were about to attack ole Mike from behind, what’s the honor in that? It’s quite obvious that you were about to disgrace yourself and your whole family. Now, I’m sure that Thunder Rosa, my little Spanish rose, will pick ole Mike instead of you, feller.

Thunder Rosa: Are you serious?! You know I have a husband and kids at home?!

Mike Check: Well, it not like that hasn’t stopped ole Mike before?

Thunder Rosa: Why you (*screams multiple curse words in Spanish at Mike*)

Mike Check: I’m sorry. It was just a little joke?

Question Mark: EYYYYEEEEEE?!?!?!?

Thunder Rosa: Oh, you have no moral high ground here either! You both can go…Cómo se dice?

Angry Jim: I think the words you’re lookin’ for is “Go **** yourselves”!

Thunder Rosa: Exactly. I’m going home. And don’t either of you follow me! (*Thunder Rosa storms off*)

(*Mike Check, his daughter, Matt hardy, STAN, and Question mark are all in stunned silence*)

Mike Check: So…we’re friends then?

Question Mark: (*confused and looks toward “Broken” Matt Hardy): EYYYYEEEEEE?!?!?!?

Broken Matt hardy: YEEESSSS! My essence Damascus, who was previously in Question Mark’s father Vessel, forgives you Meek Check and says that you are a great Warrior after what he just witnessed. He also is proud of The Mark of Question, but says that he still has much to learn…perhaps Meek Check could teach him?

Mike Check: So? How about it, there feller?

Question Mark: EYYYYEEEEEE?!?!?!? (*shakes Mike’s hand*)

Mike’s daughter: Just you both remember to wash those hands, social distancing, remember?

(*All laugh as Happy victory music plays*)

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