Halloween Spooks by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross

(*Nathaniel’s agonizing headache from the previous day starts to wear off*)

Mike’s Daughter: Oh no! Okay, so now what dad?!

Mike Check: You know what.

Mike’s Daughter: Oh god. You mean? Are you sure that playing the song “Halloween Spooks” will finally kill Zombie Nathaniel?

Mike Check: Yep. And without any further ado here’s…(*The power goes out*)

Mike’s Daughter: What’s happening?!

Mike Check: Ah? I think we’re doomed there my precious petunia?…Run!

(*They try to run but Zombie Nathaniel grabs Mike’s Daughter’s arm*)


(*Mike’s Daughter screams but “Halloween Spooks” then plays loudly from outside*):

Zombie Nathaniel: AGGHHH–BRAINS! I’LL GET YO….(*Zombie Nathaniel’s head explodes*)

Mike Daughter (*catching her breath*): Thanks dad.

Mike Check: But I didn’t do anything there darlin’?

Mike Daughter: So who played….??? Wait, what that outside? Is that a UFO?

(*Mike Check’s power is restored and a Martian, similar to those from the film “Santa Claus Conquers The Martians” appears on Mike’s daughter’s computer screen.

“Martian”: Mike Check, I am Kimar. I have come here in gratitude on behalf of the people of the planet Mars for your solution in finding a way to destroy our enemy in the Great Martian War. This invention that you call “music” is as you say is; “Fascinating”. I will be back in 12 of your Earth months to collect more. But until then, I bid you farewell. (*UFO flies away*)

Mike Daughter: What just happened here? Was he a real Martian? And he thanked you? But…didn’t we accidentally kill his people the day after Roddy Piper was here? And did he play “Halloween Spooks”? How did he know? It doesn’t make sense?

(*knock at the door*)

Mike Check (*opens door*): Ah, thanks there Señor Benjamin. Now would you clean up this dead Zombie mess from our studio floor and bury him deep under the ground there feller?

Senor Benjamin (*standing outside the door with Vanguard One, who’s carrying a boombox which is still playing “Halloween Spooks”s*): Si Señor Check.

Mike Daughter: Ah? Is Vanguard One back? And what’s “Broken” Matt Hardy’s caretaker Señor Benjamin doing here?

Mike Check: He’s also our gardener. Remember.

Mike Daughter: But…? Since when?…(*sigh*) Whatever. I have a headache, I’m going to take a warm bath. (*goes to the bathroom, undresses and screams when she sees the two teenage perverts from earlier in the month peering through a gap in the window*)

Teenage boy #1: Cool. With that Zombie gone, now we finally get to see her ti…(*his head is hit with a shovel from behind*)

Teenage boy #2 What th…(*his head is also hit with a shovel*)

Mike’s Daughter: Who just hit those perverts with that shovel?

(*Mike’s Daughter puts on a towel, looks out the window and see’s Señor Benjamin dropping a shovel with the word “delete” written on it and then drags the two unconscious boys towards an open grave that he had dug up previously. Señor Benjamin then looks up at Mike’s Daughter and his eyes turn yellow, similar to Michael Jackson at the end of the “Thriller” music video. He also gives her the thumbs up gesture.*)

Mike Daughter: Ah? Thanks again, I guess?! (*shocked but then shrugs her shoulders and says to herself*) Normally I would say that was weird, but it wasn’t the weirdest thing that I’ve seen all month.


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