The Zombie Walks by Rebel Rousers

(*Knock at the door*)

(*Mike’s Daughter opens the door to a couple of teenage boys wearing costumes*)

Boys: Trick or Treat!

Boy #1 (*Notices Mike’s Daughter massive chest and says to his friend*): Holy shit! You’re right. They’re huge!

Mike’s Daughter: Ah? Hi boys, aren’t you a little old to be wanting candy?

Boy #2: Yeah. (*laughs*) But, ah, the treat that we want is for you to show us your tits.

Mike’s Daughter: Get lost kid!

Boy #1: Come on. If you don’t want to treat us. Then, like, we’ll have to do a trick on you.

Boy #2: Yeah, it’s like tradition or something.

Mike’s Daughter: Okay, I’ll treat you. Wait right here. (*Mike Daughter goes inside and unlocks Zombie Nathaniel’s cage*)

Zombie Nathaniel (*runs out the door*): BRAINS!

(*The two teenagers run away screaming*)

Mike’s Daughter (to Nathaniel*): Looks like I actually found a use for you…(*Nathaniel is about to swipe at Mike’s Daughter*)…Ah now?!?!…(*picks up a Jeff Hardy action figure from Nathaniel’s cage and uses it to lure him back in*). Now get back in your cage!


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