Maneater by Daryl Hall and John Oates

Mike Check: What a crazy month we had for Halloween Hootenanny 2016! For those fellers who missed it, we had my pet Zombie Nathaniel runnin’ around trying to eat me and my daughter’s brains. It’s unfortunate that we had to put him down, but that feller was a “Maneater”, let me tell you. And…

Mike’s Daughter: So where’s Senor Benjamin and Vanguard One, who apparently saved us from Zombie Nathaniel, gone today? Weren’t they supposed to be our new gardeners? And, oh, do you think that Premier Blah from has forgotten about…

Mike Check: Hush darlin’, that’s old news. Anyway, speaking of “Maneater”, there’s a Presidential election coming up in the U.S.A between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Now, I’m not gonna tell ya fellers who I’m gonna vote for since ole Mike never gets political on any radio show I’ve ever worked on, but I will say that I’m not quite sure about this Hillary filly wanting to take a job that’s more suited for a man. It’s a scientific fact that males have more mental smarts than…

Mike’s Daughter: God dad, speaking of “old news”, you’re so ‘out of touch’!

Mike Check: No darlin’, where playing “Maneater” by Hall and Oates. You see, that’s why we need my male brain here to think of those little details.

Mike’s Daughter: That’s not what I meant (*walks away*)…idiot.


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