For The Love Of Money by The O’Jays

Mike Check: With the U.S. Presidential election coming up, ole Mike thought that I’d play the theme song to one of the candidate’s, Donald Trump’s, show: “The Apprentice”. Did I ever tell you fellers about the time when a Young Donald Trump was my radio apprentice when I worked the Queens, New York market on radio station WMNY: “THE MONEY”? Well, while he worked under his real name, I went under the alias: Banky Card and we were the “The Trump Card Show”! He was one of the worst apprentices that ole Mike’s ever worked with, let me tell you, because he would constantly tout about how much money he has but would always steal my hair mousse for his stupid “flock of seagulls” hairstyle. And he would annoy me when he’d constantly tout that he “kissed” more fillies than ole Mike. Ha! He wishes. I’m wasn’t a rich man but I was still the real king when it came to “grabbing the p…

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Don’t say it!

Mike Check: Ah anyway, I finally had enough of that…I want to use another dirty word here to describe him but…oh yeah…that “Ringo’s” shenanigans and “locker room talk”, so I one day told him “You’re Fired”. Well needless to say, Trump should thank me for becoming even richer than he already was by later stealing that line for his catchphrase on his darn TV progrem.

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