I Saw The Light by Hank Williams / Martian Theme Song by The Satellite Singers

Mike Check: Weeeell fellers! It’s time for our Seven Years of Whackin’! And since today is also Easter—

Mike’s Daughter: And it also happens to be April Fools Day—

Mike Check: Hush darlin’. So…wait! There’s seems to be a huge beam of light out side the window there darlin’?! Perhaps it’s…Jesus returning to Earth! It seems that ole Mike is being saved from the Martians that are supposed to invade the Earth today? Weeellll “Praise The Lord, I Saw The Light” here on…THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter (*Interrupts*): No Dad! There’s actually huge UFO hovering above our house and it’s jamming our signal! I think those Martians that imprisoned STAN and Damien during last years Halloween Hootenanny have returned, just like they said they would!? Where the hell is Doc Brown to help….???

(*A green Martian shows up on Mike’s Daughter’s computer screen*)

Kimar: Greetings Earthlings. I am Kimar, leader of the planet Mars and I have returned, as promised, to abduct the one you call “Mike Check”.

Mike’s Daughter: But you can’t?!

Kimar: Do not fear Mike Check and artificially breasted Earth Daughter. I come in peace. As I have told you five of your Earth months ago; we come in peace. Do you remember at that time, I had assisted you in defeating the demon in which you called STAN and his son Damien as a gesture of gratitude for your help, one Earth year previously. The unusual sound that you call “music”, which had never been heard on my planet until our radio waves picked up an earth signal of something you call “The Mike Check Show”, had helped us to destroy the Mazi rebel forces, whom were hypersensitive to such sounds, and thus ended the Great Martian War. And ever since the war’s conclusion, listening to your musical progrem has become the most popular pastime on Mars. And that is where you come in. Mike Check, I have come to take you back to my home planet for we need a radio deejay, and there are none better than you to bring us Martians this “entertainment” that you earthlings hold dear.

Mike Check (*trying to stall*): Weeell…I cannot do that right now as I am just about the start my Seven years of Whackin’ here on…

Kimar: This is not an invitation. We need you on Mars now. (*shouts out*) Get him Torg 6!

(*A 8 foot tall robot bursts through the door, grabs Mike and follows Kimar to his flying saucer*)

Mike’s Daughter: No! Bring back my dad! Oh no, now what are we going to do?!

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