Last Day On Earth by Duran Duran

Mike Check: Weelll fellers! Now would usually be the time to announce our April anniversary for The Mike Check Show which we here call: “7 Years Of Whackin’!” tomorrow, but under the circumstances, we’re not quite sure if we’re even gonna be alive to even have our special guest co-host on to…actually, do we even have a co-host booked there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes, apparently I just found out that those dic…I mean…dears over at have arranged former WCW wrestler, The Disco Inferno, to be our co-host for some reason? Wait? Is this some sort of joke?

Mike Check: Who?

Mike’s Daughter: Exactly….but never mind that now dad, my signal’s is being jammed again?!

(*Martian voice is heard over Mike’s Daughter’s speakers*): Mars calling Mike Check. Come in Mike Check.

Mike Check: Mike Check here. What do you Martians want from us?

“Martian voice”: Your novelty Earth music that you have played, in the Earth month you call March, has caused quite a stir on Mars. So it had been decided that in one Earth day we are coming to take—(*signal breaks down*)

Mike’s Daughter: Hello Hello! Dammit, why does the signal always fade whenever we ask for an explanation?! But I think they’re coming to take over the Earth dad?! I can’t believe that this is really happening!?

Mike Check: Yes. This might mean it’s ole Mike’s Last Day On Earth here on…THE MACKER?!

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