Countdown by Rush

Mike Check: Weelll there fellers, ole Mike is still broadcasting from Mars and I’m currently tied up in a courtyard outside of some Martian prison. For those just tuning in, I’m about to be executed with a ray gun by Mars’s leader Kimar and—

Checkdar (*tied up next to Mike*): Have you forgotten that I am also here facing the same fate because of you.

Mike Check: Yes Checkdar, and you’re one heck of a guy.

Checkdar: I don’t know if I should thank you or shoot you myself? But why is it that you don’t seem worried? I’m sweating laser beams here.

Mike Check: Nope. Ole Mike has been in some bad predicaments before…which reminds me…I think I might have an idea?

Checkdar: What is it?

Mike Check: I once got out of a bad legal situation by faking my own death. That might work.

Checkdar: Are you serious?! How does that help us in our current situation?!

Mike Check: Hmmmmm? Perhaps I didn’t think this through?

Checkdar: You did not think about this at all?! Help!

Jimdar: Silence to the both of you! Your voices are irritating me! Kimar, could you initiate execution program before I do it myself!

Kimar: Negative, it is my duty as leader to perform this. (*to the prisoners*) Do any of you have any last words?

Checkdar: Yes, I—

Mike Check: Weelll I just have to say something that has been kept under wraps for the last 12 years. You know Brad Brakestown from WWCR: The WHACKER, has always talked about revealing his big announcement, but he has never had the right opportunity to do so. But did you know that the only feller that knows the details of Brad’s big announcement is yours truly? Weeelll, I think I might take this opportunity if there is anybody still listening to this broadcast on Earth to announce that…

Kimar: What is it?!

Mike Check: …I can’t remember—

Checkdar: Oh, just shoot him before I untie myself and do it myself!

Kimar: Very well, Mike Check and Checkdar, for the crimes of adultery and disrespecting the leadership of Mars, respectively, by the Laws and traditions of Mars, I sentence you to execution via ray gun. But before doing so, I am required to countdown from 100 Thousand. 100,000… 99,999…99,998…999,997…

Checkdar (*to Mike Check*): This might take a while?

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