Space Junk by Devo

Kimar: 100…99…97…

Jimar: Kcuk Kimar! We have been waiting for the last 25 Martian hours to await Mike Check’s execution! Will you increase your time speed at once?!

Kimar: I am only following Martian protocol. I request that you stop interrupting me?! But, very well, I will start from 10…9…8…7

Mike Check: It seems that I’m about to be a gonner there fellers. If my darlin’ daughter is listening out there, I just want to say—

Kimar 3…2…2…2…2…

Jimadar: Why are you repeating the number two?! Why are you still stalling?!

Kimar: (*Holds down his ray gun*) I cannot perform this execution. Mike Check did nothing wrong. He was only a victim of unfortunate circumstances and I hold myself responsible. I do not now why Chochem wanted me to bring him to Mars if this was to be his fate, but his execution cannot be the reason why?

Jimadar: What the Kcuf are you babbling about?! He hand Kcufed my wife! Kcuf Chochem (*grabs the ray gun*) I will do it myself—

(*old martian voice from the background*): Stop this at once! Release the prisoners!

Checkdar: It’s Chochem! We’re saved!

Jimdar: What do you want old man?!

Kimar: Jimdar! That is Chochem! Show some respect. And untie the prisoner at once.

Jimdar (*to Mike Check while untying him*) You Earthling are in luck…for the time being, that is.

Kimar: Chochem, what is the reason for saving this Earthling’s life? Do you have a new premonition for us?

Chochem: Kimar, I cannot allow this execution to take place as there is a bigger threat about to be unleashed onto the planet Mars, as well as the Earth! I predict that an evil force will land upon us, a force more evil than the Mazi armies of the Great Martian War. You must beware of a figure of red appearance and his black hearted son. And the execution of the Earthling they call Mike Check will not help us as he will be needed to——

(*Before Chochem can finish his sentence, a large glass/mirrored object lands on top of him and crushes him to death, and all that are present stand in shocked silence*)

Mike Check: Boy, I don’t think that old feller had predicted about being hit by “Space Junk”?


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