(You’re The) Devil in Disguise by Elvis Presley

Mike Check: You know what there feller, you might look like an Angel, talk like the an Angel. But Sam, “You’re The Devil in Disguise”.

STAN: Uh? What disguise? Really? Are you just that stupid that you only just realized who I am after almost three weeks? I thought that you constantly forgetting my real name was bad, but this really takes the cake. (*evil laugh*) Oh, winning this contest will be just too damn easy.

Mike Check: I’m not stupid there feller. You might call yourself the “True King” but there’s only one feller who will always be the true “King”; and that’s Elvis Presley.

STAN: I told you. I’m the “Evil Troll Lord” not…but okaay then you fool. You just handed me an idea on a silver platter. So here’s “Devil in Disguise” by Elvis. Oh and did you know that I actually did choreograph Elvis’ dance moves back in the 1950’s so I could scare the parents of teenage girls? Damn, it was so easy to troll people like that back then.

Mike Check: I thought that he got those dance moves from that slow feller called Forrest Gump?

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Forrest Gump isn’t a real person!

Mike Check: But he’s based on a real person?

Mike’s Daughter: (*sigh*) No, you idi…aagghh!

STAN: (*laughs hysterically*)

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