Pray by M.C. Hammer

Mike Check: Weeell today is Easter Day and ole Mike thought that I’d play something that will hopefully help get us out of this mess with Sam over here. I bet you don’t know what is there feller?

STAN: I told you! It’s S.T.A.N., Stan! Not Sam! Jesus…uh I mean…Me! But, whatever. It doesn’t matter what you call me or what you decide to play because the only hope you have in beating me in this song contest, you pathetic, senile old fool, is to “Pray”.

Mike Check: How did you guess there “S.A.M. Sam”? Yes it’s “Pray” by M.C. Hammer here on…THE MACKER!

STAN: (*sigh*) That’s not actually what I meant. But again; whatever. I will soon ruin you just like I ruined M.C. Hammers career when I possessed that clean cut rapper to write the song “Pumps And A Bump“.

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