Repossessed by Cindy Valentine

Mike Check: Well feller, you may have possessed many…many…many…many…fellers out there, but today you’re gonna get “Repossessed” by this Cindy Valentine song from the film of the same name, here on…”6 Years Of Whackin!”

STAN: (*laughs sarcastically*) Really Mike? You’ve given up on your playlist of Jesus music to play the theme song to the film that is a bad parody to my favorite movie “The Exorcist”? I guess that’s appropriate since you have become a parody of yourself on this show.

Mike’s Daughter: Says the guy who now spends his time trolling Twitter accounts and calls himself “Stan” for some reason? Speaking of “repossessed”, did someone like Vince McMahon have your actual name ‘Lucifer’ trademarked or something?

STAN: No. But my lawyers have advised me not to talk about my legal issues with Anthem Entertainment here though. F*** that owl!!!

Mike’s Daughter: What?

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