Eye Of The Zombie by John Fogerty

Mike’s Daughter: You now what they say dad? You need to “fight fire with fire”…

Mike Check: Oh no there darlin’. You know that ole Mike’s afraid of fire!

Mike’s Daughter: No dad, it’s just an expression. I mean, to kill a Zombie we need a Zombie. So today, I have enlisted the help of…”The ECW Zombie”

(*The ECW Zombie enters slowly into the room*)

Mike’s Daughter (*to ECW Zombie*): Okay, Zombie. I know that your record is ‘Zero and One’, but I know that you can defeat this pipsqueak Zombie Nathaniel. Now…go get him! Eye of the Tiger!…or Zombie!

Zombie Nathaniel: Boy oh Boy–BRAINS. Now I get to show that TNA: Total Non-stop Action Wrestling is superior to WWECW–BRAINS!

(*The ECW Zombie walks toward Nathaniel until Nathaniel uses his Zombie claws to swipe at him*)

ECW Zombie (*to Mike’s Daughter*): Look lady. I don’t know who or “what” that is in there that you want me to fight? I’m just some random guy from the street you hired to wear this ridiculous Zombie costume. And you also said you’d pay me to fight this…(*Nathaniel tries to take another swipe*). Don’t tell me that’s a “real” zombie”!?

Mike’s Daughter: Ah? No, he’s just…

ECW Zombie: I’m outta here! (*runs out the door*).

Mike’s Daughter: Seems like you can’t fool anyone anymore?


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